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    Good luck on your appointment next week. I also wanted to mention that there are several discussions including, insurance issues, to be found in the “Search Forum” top of page. I am crossing my fingers for Gary.
    Tons of good wishes coming your way,


    I hope they approve it for you. Good luck at your appointment.



    You are doing a very smart thing since we all know we have to be a step ahead of this monster CC. Best to have all your soldiers in place ready to take aim. Good luck next week.


    Since discovering mets to the liver(one spot) and restarting chem, Gary has been able to schedule an appt. with Dr. Kennedy at Wake next week for a consultation about SIRT. We’ve already been told by them that BCBS will deny it the first time, since they consider it experimental. We’re not even sure if Gary is eligible for the SIRT but wanted to get the ball rolling even if it’s something they can do for him sometime in the future. Thanks to all who made us aware of Dr. Kennedy through this website, and we’ll update you next week.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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