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    Dearest Chrissy


    Dear Chrissy, I too am not a young mom but have been at one time. My children are now 29, 27, and 24. My heart breaks for you. I did not lose a spouse at a young age but I lost my dad suddenly at 18 and I remember thinking I would never be the same happy person again and not wanting to be. It takes time, but time does have a way of healing and if there is any support groups for you in your area that would help. Melanie71 is another young mom on the board who lost her husband in April. She has not been on since but may respond to an email. She may also be looking to connect with someone who truly understands your pain. Hugs to you and your precious little girl. Nancy


    C everafterwidowed.com.au is a site for younger people,it is in Australia but you could look at their forums which could help


    Dear CM, while I am far from a young Mom, I may have some suggestions for you. You might want to show your daughter some stars at night and let her pick one of them out and let her know Daddy is that star. If ever she wants to talk to her daddy all she has to do is find that star, at night. I know there are many children’s books on grieving/losing a loved one and a couple of those might help, actually might help you both. My only other suggestion would be to locate a Grief Group for families or children and go together to meetings until you feel stronger. Oh, I have one more, talk to your Pediatrician. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Remember a lot of her Daddy lives on in her.


    I am not a young mum,I was 50 when my husband died a couple of years ago but I had my youngest son still at school,he was 17 and my husband had only been sick for 5 minutes!then passed away!
    I found everything overwhelming,still do at times and I think when you have a lot of responsibilities it can be so hard.Of course you have your child with you and that is comforting at the same time as it is challenging.I think there are some young bereaved websites,I dont know as I am in another country but I wish you well Janet


    I lost my husband of nearly 3 years just 5 weeks ago- We have a 2 year old daughter.

    I feel so desperately lonely and although I am saying what everyone around me wants to hear- that we are doing okay, taking it day by day and getting strength from our daughter, inside I am falling apart.

    Are there any young mums out there who are going through this too?

    I wish we had longer- I wish we had a longer marriage and our daughter could have got to know and love her daddy & know how happy I was then before cc- I want her to know me as my husband did- happy but I am no longer that person- I am heartbroken.

    My poor baby asked just this morning will daddy be back soon. I told her he was still here in her heart and she hugged herself to give daddy a hug saying, “Daddy loves me”


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