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    Daisy…..I have learned that not all palliative care treatments include draining of fluid. “The goal of treatment for ascites is to relieve the symptoms that are causing discomfort. You may not need treatment if the ascites is not causing discomfort.”
    This link explains:

    My heart is with you,


    Daisy, I can’t fathom that the Doctors do not kept you informed of what is happening. I know many have received relief by having the ascites drained. Making Mum comfortable should be their goal. I would raise a little steam there. Have they told you that she is declining? If that is the case I do have a list of signs the end is near. If you wish for them just send me an email through the CC site and I will send them to you. Be strong, hang in and hang on see what can be done to make her more comfortable. Sending you some huge cyber hugs! { } { } { }


    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about ascites. My mum has terribly swollen feet and legs. When I press on her leg, the dents stay there and it was painful for me to press on her. Her stomach also looks like she is heavily pregnant although it’s not causing discomfort. I spoke to my GP about it as the doctors at her hospital tell me nothing. He said it’s ascites and signifies the body shutting down. From what I have read in here, generally the fluid gets drained.

    The fact that they are not draining it, does this mean they think she is too far gone and the benefits that may be gained are outweighed by the trauma it may cause mum? I noticed that her morphine has once again been raised so I am wondering if they are just increasing her pain meds to manage it.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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