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Ascites set in; I’m so frightened.

Discussion Board Forums General Discussion Ascites set in; I’m so frightened.

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    Sophie…. The fluid can or cannot come righ back. 20mg per day lasix is a very low dose. I have seen people taking 60 mgs per day 3 times a day. The forst drain I had lasted about 4 week s., the second drain lasted about 4 weeks, those two were sonagram guided. The third drain was CT guide. They took a picture shows where the fuid was and how much and asked if I wanted it drained? I said while I’m here might as well. There was practically nothing to drain. It don’t really hurt. and I preferred the ct guided but some doctors who have done it frquently can do with ease. They just get an entry point of between ribs make a dinky little incision insert the drain and start it draining by pullin back the syringe think -bob. My daughter anf wife watched it done the first two times with sonograp and third time I did it alone because I was having a radiation picture taken to mark the exact location to insert drain. They use a few drops of lquid pain killer as needed if you feel any pain. Then you feel pressure and think it’s hurting but it isn’t. Each time I asked is it in yet? They say yes it ‘s draining away. and I usually say, well someone could have told me and they laugh. Fluid and ascite can come and go away. Increase your lasix if your kidneys are okay. and drink plenty of water like 6 12oz glasse a day at least . It gets the fluid retention draining out through your kidneys. Currently I am dry of fluid retention. Also Take 800 mgs of Ibprofen four times a day as alot of times it is inflammation causing the fluid not the cancer or tumors. Take IBprofen with food or milk as it it can cause ulcers long term use . I use every other day or so or week on and weekoff. You do fell better and sleep better. less abrasivness going on. I had my primary care put in a standing order to drain every four weeks or so right now to maintain comfort. My second test of fluid came back clear of everything. bacteria growth and non malignancy fluid Just because you have fluids is not the end by any means, in fact advocate for it to be done . It’s a pain in the rear for them, but so what. They’ll be draining mine for another year or two if I can keep these ribs and bones cemented together. Go for it girl alot of our symptoms is not the end but livinig and dealing with them. When I start having major organs failing then I will get concerned and determine what I need to stop doing.
    Bless Ya Girl !You can handle it. Piece of cake compared to what we have been through . BY the way have you ever heard od razzle dazzle Berry Pie? IF your having an appetite problem try it. Get it at Walmart frozen pie section. Really good if you like blackberries.

    God Bless,


    My father had drains several times and it provided relief and for him it was not a sign that the end was near. The drain did not hurt him. He just had to be careful with bathing and sleeping that it doesn’t come out. But other than it being a nuisance it provided relief.

    God bless and I hope you receive comfort soon


    Thank you everyone for your support, prayers and empathy. I can always count on this board to understand what I’m going through. Being depressed all the time keeps me from posting, but I do read what you post daily. Sometimes I just cry too much at the posts. All of you are in my prayers every night, and I am so greatful to you.



    My husband Joe has had ascites for about 7 months. They put him on Lasix and it didn’t do much on its own but then they added another diuretic and that helped. He had it drained this summer and it lasted a month and then he had it drained three more times. They don’t like to do it too often becasue it takes out the good fluids as well as the bad (like albumin). It does come back but that is an individual thing. Joe liked to call it his egg. At first he was embarassed about it, afraid people would think he was fat but then he kidded about it. he has been battling this disease for 28 months and I’m sorry to say now he is in hospice and at the end of his journey but we had many blessings along the way. Hang in there and prayers are comikng your way. God Bless. Mary Anne



    Sending a hug your way, please know that though you are afraid you are not alone.

    Also, see:



    Dear Sophie,

    Here is a link about acites.

    Restricting salt and using diuretics can help. In the event that it becomes uncomfortable, the fluid can be drained by a procedure called paracentesis.

    Remember this cancer is different from most of them in its’ unpredictability. Ask your doctor about draining the fluid to make you more comfortable. My mom had a pericardical effusion which is a buildup of fluid around her heart. She had it removed and is stable right now.

    Know you are in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. Hugs to you.



    I hate this awful CC, and I hate ascites, but – I know they can get it under control, and I believe they can get you back on track again. I will pray for you, and especially that you get to see that new Grandchild.

    Love – Joyce C


    Dear Sophie,

    Although I have no answers for you, I do want you to know that I am so sorry that you are having these problems & feeling the way you do. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. I am sure you will get some answers soon, as I know others here have had some experience with this. Try to think positive & know that you have all the support you want or need here.

    Hugs & Love,



    Dear Sophie…..Peter, for example has had ascities at least for over a year and so have others on this board. Jeff also has fluid removed from his lungs, not infrequently, and has written about it. Others also have the fluid drained when it became too uncomfortable therefore, there are options which you might want to discuss with the physician. I am hoping for others to answer your questions in re: to water consumption as I don’t have any experience with it. Although, you may not be able to notice it but, the Lasix may already be effective. So, who says that you won’t be able to see your grandchild?
    I am sending tons of hugs in your direction and am awaiting to hear about the CT scan results, on Tuesday.


    Dear Sophie, I have been thinking about you but this is not want I want to hear. Not sure what ascites is about but why don’t you send Jeff a private e mail. I know someone will know but somehow I remember that once they are drained you feel much better. Stay strong and have hope and you will see that grandchild! Our prayers go out to you!


    I don’t have any answers for you, but you have my prayers and know that God loves you. He says, “Fear not”. Put your trust in Him, for He cares for you.

    Much Love,


    Hello dear friends, I am having a meltdown and need your support. I have gained 10 pounds all in the abdomen, and the oncologist said it’s ascites. My abdomen is huge. He scheduled a Cat scan for Tuesday and put me on 20 mgs of lasix – also potassium. I have been on the lasix for 2 days, and it’s not doing anything. I read every post on here about ascites, and one person said once ascites sets in, it means the end is near, and I am so scared. I want to see my granddaughter to be born at the end of January. I can’t find any peace. No medicine works for me. I never sleep regardless everything they’ve tried; the lasix isn’t working. I’m on an antidepressant, Prestiq. It really isn’t helping although I’ve been on it for six weeks. I have never had a drain yet. Does that hurt? Does the ascites come right back? Should I keep drinking all this water even though I’m on lasix, and isn’t all this water just contributing to the ascites. I feel so lost, and this is the only place I can go.

    Prayers for you all,

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