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    It seems like all the chemo patients deal with a cocktail of drugs like this. Right now my mom is going through chemo and taking ativan herself. This is in combination with many other drugs. While ativan is supposed to a strong and addictive drug, it actually has a short duration in your system. This way my Mom can wake up in the morning without feeling hung over that is one of the ativan side effects.


    Thanks all for your replies. Mom is a diabetic and her glucose levels have increased. I worry about the long term effects of decahedron as well. Hopefully after the daily radiation treatments are done, she won’t need the decadron. She has been feeling better since starting on decahedron. I have her taking only half the dose ordered every other day to try to control her glucose levels.


    Here’s what our medical oncologist said about Decadron:

    Decadron doesn’t control nausea in and by itself. Rather, it enhances the anti-nausea action of Zofran. If Zofran does a good job of keeping nausea under control, Decadron is not needed. If Zofran fails to bring nausea under complete control, Decadron can be added to help Zofran.


    When I was having radiation and 24/7 chemo in 09 I felt nauseated all the time. Zofran,, Activan and Compusine did not help the nausea. As it turned out, I had an ulcer on my esophagus which caused the nausea. Four days on a high dosage of prilosex and I was no longer nauseated.

    This may not apply to your mom at all. We are all so different.


    The dceadron,Ativan and Zofran combo works well for controlling nausea and vomiting, so you need not to worry too much. Percocet is for pain but should be give like every 4-6 hours as needed. If you give Percocet on a as needed basis without the time of how many hours apart fron each dose of Percocet,your mom may get too sleeply. Ask the doctor to make sure on the frequency of giving the Percocet.
    Decadron increases the control of N/V when use with Zofran and increase the appetite too by itself.
    God bless.


    Mom continues to have nausea and now mild abdominal pain. Oncologist ordered decadron in addition to ativan and zofran plus percocet as needed. Anyone else tke these meds? was it effective?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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