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    Hi Coleen-Dave has multiple tumors in the left side of his liver. The largest is 16 cm x 10. He also has tumors in his spleen…they think. I will be interested to see the outcome when the oncologist, surgeon and radiologist get together. We will consider it all carefully before we make a decision, but at least they didn’t just say “their isn’t much we can do” like our local hospitals. Yes Peter, it is going to be costly going there and my employer just switched to Cigna who refuse many things so we’ll just have to wait and see….and hope. Patrice


    I’ve heard some good things about CTCA and looked into for myself. I opted not to pursue it for cost reasons hoping to find something my insurance would help with. I’m very interested in how this works out for you. The combination they offer is hopeful.


    Welcome Back Patrice- How big is Dave’s tumor? My husbands is 10.1 x 9.8 and he has had 4 chemoembolization treatments with about 50% death of the tumor. – Colleen


    Hello all-Dave and I returned from our 3 days at CTCA. What an experience. Not like any hospital I have been in before. Everyone was personable and helpful. The oncologist met with us and reviewed Dave’s record and scans. He thinks he may be able to treat him with an intra-hepatic chemo but needs to have Dave stronger before he will consider it. He also thinks he should have a splenectomy because all of Dave’s blood counts are down and his spleen is robbing his body of red cells and platelets and is very large. He sent us home to think about the options and whether or not we want to come there for treatment. Dave is going to stay off chemo and try to get his counts up and some strength back and then we go back on the 24th for a group consult with the oncologist, surgeon, and radiologist. I guess his tumors are too large to consider RFA or chemoembolization. I am kind of on the fence, but Dave was buoyed by the hope they had to be able to help him. We also saw a naturopathic doctor and a nutritionist and had an introduction to the body-mind clinic. We’ll keep you posted. Patrice

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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