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    So good to hear from you, Kris, I admire your spirit and your guts. I am thinking of you–Go girl go!Belle



    You are such an inspiration. I KNOW that this isn’t easy for you, but you are so upbeat and postive. That makes such a difference in your recovery. I am proud of you.

    Mom is on the exact same “cell poison” that you will start. Although she takes 3 xeloda 2 times a day for a total of 3000 mg a day. Xeloda sould also have a nurse call you every once in a while to check on you.

    Good luck to you!! Big hugs!


    Red heads are unstoppable! I know, my best friend is a red head and was born on Valentine’s day, to boot. If you are not the cat’s meow I don’t know what!
    You sound great and we are so glad you are feeling so good. Watch out world, here she comes!



    It is wonderful news to hear how good you are feeling. I do admire your attitude, especially with what you have all been through.

    I have always suspected that in some cases it appears that surgery promotes rapid tumor growth. I have never heard of a doctor who would admit this tho’.

    Keep us updated as to how you are doing. I think you will look great as a red head. I think we all wish Peter were still here, but I am sure he will be teasing you from heaven. :)

    You go girl!

    Love & Hugs,


    You go, girl!

    You’re going to be on the same regimen that I’m on. I have had very few side effects, so I hope that you will be lucky in that respect, too.

    “Cell poison”. Wow.


    I met for the first time with my oncologist. There has been a HUGE problem because I really didnt like this oncologist and told everyone who would listen that I would NOT, NEVER see this doctor again. But there were problems transferring my case, disinterested doctors, you name it so under the advice of my surgeon, I swallowed my pride and met with this oncologist again (with my husband and psychologist in tow)

    No more surgery for me. The tumor needs to shrink some. The doctor is worried that more surgery now will divert my body into healing from the surgery and away from fighting my tumor. She said that sometimes surgery can cause rapid tumor growth.

    I am to start Xeloda and Oxyplatin (sp) on Wednesday. I will take Xeloda 2 times a day for 2 weeks with a week off and the Oxyplatin will be given intraveniously once every 3 weeks. I will also be given antibodies every other week. The type of antibody I will be given will be determined by which subset type of cc I have. The oncologist is very interested in me getting surgery, but wants to shrink the tumor first. Nothing has been ruled out. We discussed cyberknife, PDT, RFA and other treatments and they are all on the table…IF the tumor shrinks enough.

    Because the tumor cannot be seen with CT or MRI, I will have a PET scan soon and another in 2 months to check progress. I will have a portacath (sp) also put in sometime soon. My liver function was not bad, but it could be better and I was told to get off the vitamins and suppliments for the time being so my liver would have less to process.

    The funny thing was that I got a “goody” bag branded with Xeloda and filled with foot and hand creams. It was like my little gift for joining the chemo club.

    I dont know if I have shared this yet, but in Swedish, chemo is called “cell poison”. Doesnt that just sound like fun?

    I am feeling great and am completely recovered from my stomach surgery. I havent felt so good in 6 months. I wish Peter was still here because I am about to dye my hair red again and I am sure he would tease me ruthlessly and make me laugh. Off to be a red bombshell and take on Sweden and my tumor. I am woman, hear me ROAR!


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