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    Hi Hans and Kris:

    Wish I had magic solutions for you (and the rest of us here) but I do want to say that we are all thinking of you and trying to send vibes of strength, peace and courage.



    I am SO glad to hear you are out of the hospital! Now rest up and get your strength back. When I was losing too much weight, my holistic nurse recommended full-fat dairy products, so of course I went out and ate tons of… ice cream! (Hey, it’s full of fat, right??)

    Seriously– I think you should push for surgery. Get other opinions. And absolutely push for radiation. I had the maximum dose and it has kept me stable for 2 1/2 years now, with only one brief spell of tumor growth.

    Rock on!



    Kris, My thoughts are with you guys and your battle ahead. To have a stent done on me, I’ll have to revoke hospice care at home. I been told I can reinstate immediately following. My Oconologist agreed to see me in a couple months but by the time I have a blockage who knows. Glad to see you out of the hospital and getting ready to give them what for. It don’t seem to matter what health system you roll under, someone or something keeps getting in the way of our choices.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hi Kris,

    Such wonderful news that you’re out of the hospital!



    Hi Kris
    I am so pleased that you are out of the hospital and sounding better. I know it’s just the written word but you “sound” so much stronger than the last time you posted.

    When you have your meetings with the docs, remember: listen to what they have to say; consider all the possibilities they give you; be polite and thoughtful when you ask any questions you may have; THEN light some fires under their bums!!

    All the best, redhead



    Kris and Hans,

    My biggest positive thoughts are going out to you both! I’m originally from South Carolina and I think I remember Kris also lived there at one time.

    I think all here on this web site are the biggest realists on the planet, but we are strong, strong, strong! Be stronger than you ever thought possible, I know you can.

    So glad you are now home. Quite honestly, being in the hospital sucks! Keep after your doctors to think outside the box. This is not your “average cancer”!

    We are all with you.


    Dear Kris….So glad that your by-pass has worked and you are able to eat “fattening” food. I am wondering about the “oil”. Is it supposed to help transport food through your intestine (stomach) or is it supposed to fatten you up?
    I am so thrilled to be hearing from you.


    Hi Hans,

    I would like to send my prayers for you both. Last year, Kris was a wonderful support to me when my brother was diagnosed and going through treatment. I could feel what a wonderful and strong spirit Kris has and I hope that she has a quick recovery from surgery so she can fight this thing full force.

    -Candy Z


    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for all the good news. Glad you are out & doing better. I don’t think drinking oil sounds too great either! Seems like it lost something in the translation, huh? :)

    I am glad that your Dad is able to be there for you, along with the cats & Hans. We all love him & are so greatful that he was able to keep us updated on your progress.

    Take care & keep fighting. Someone has to win. Why not you?

    Love & Hugs,



    Great news, Kris. ATTITUDE is everything and girl you certainly have attitude!
    Keep fighting, keep hoping, and as a side note I think we all fell in love with Hans!!!


    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your kind words and support. I got out of the hospital today after about a 4 week combined stint. Life is looking up.

    I am meeting with the oncologist sometime next week. I will continue to push for surgery. I dont understand the reasons they have said no. I will also push for radiation. My main doctor is not being aggressive as I like, but then again it is up for the oncologist to decide so I will put a fire under that bottom once we meet.

    I am eating now, which is good. Though I still feel a little queasy. I need to concentrate on calories, not nutrition…or so said the dietician. She asked me how I felt about eating oil! She meant over vegetables or on a salad but the language breakdown gave me visions of drinking oil.

    Hans has been great and my dad has became cat sitter extrodinaire. I have so little pain from my surgery that all the coughing and sneezing I am doing from having a cold hasnt triggered any pain. Life is good.

    Thanks again for your good thoughts (but keep them coming please).

    And Sue…I am very aware I fell off the cancer buddy bandwagon and I will strive to do better in the future. :)




    Dear Kris and Hans,



    Dear Kris and Hans,

    Never, ever give up hope! We can never know the future. Doctors and statistics can tell you what USUALLY happens, but they can never say what will happen to YOU.

    After a successful resection 5 years ago, I had a recurrence 2 1/2 years ago and a failed surgery– the new tumor couldn’t be removed because it was attached to my IVC. Radiation and Xeloda shrank it and kept it from growing for 2 more years. It started progressing again, then just STOPPED, for no reason anyone can figure out, without treatment. It has been stable again for six months.

    Please keep on eating and concentrate on getting your strength back. Things always look so bleak after surgery, when your whole body has been assaulted by anesthesia and drugs.

    I promise you that you still have many beautiful days ahead of you!

    Hugs to you both,



    I join everyone else in saying “You can do it, Kris!” and hoping for the best. Her youth is a factor in her favor. I’m so glad she has you, Hans. All the best to you both.
    Joyce M


    Hans and Kris, I don’t check the site so often anymore but it was with tears that I read this thread. You always made me smile and helped so often, Kris, so I hope that you’ll be OK and the fight will be strong but not awful.
    Best wishes, prayers and hope, Belle

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