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    Hi Jeff

    I am glad to hear you have dosing guidance from a cannabis professional. The only thing I would add is that if you see no improvement you may want to add a high CBD oil in the mix, perhaps throughout the day…..my understanding is that cholangio involves a lot of inflammation and chemo/other drugs is highly acidic so for THC to do its job you need to keep the inflammation at bay and the acids and CBD can do that…that is why is so important to work with a cannabis doctors because dosing, strains, and ratios will change throughout treatment….so don’t be afraid to throw the cannabis cabinet on cholangio….

    Just like chemo stops working because cells adapt, the cannabis dosing needs to be adapted too.

    Healing and Blessings your way!


    I agree about the eating healthy part. The doctor that prescribed the medical marijuana said she needs to do three things to beat it. 1. was take the cannibis oil. 2. was to eliminate all sugar in her diet and 3. was to eliminate all processed foods.

    You are right about the dosing issues, and nothing is set in stone. Our caregiver makes the oil, and he said he normally does a higher cbd strain but his other patients are taking it for pain and the side effects. My mil doesn’t have that so we wanted it made from a high thc strain. He’s making it out of girl scout cookie hybrid that is about 26% thc and 5% cbd, so the oil is very potent. With the capsules we would dose it for her by weighing it out and filling the rest with coconut oil. With the suppositories we are using cocoa butter. The goal is to get her to 1g (also about 1ml) per day for 60 days. Right now, she’s at about 1/10 of a gram per day is all. So we need to get that up higher. Hopefully the suppositories work better. They supposedly are more potent because as you said, ingesting it is different. So we’ll see what happens. It’s about $40 a gram (ml) here. So the 60 days would be $2400. Not a lot, but not cheap. But I guess if there’s a chance it will help, you gotta give it everything you got!


    Hi Jeff,

    Of course there is empirical evidence that medical cannabis works (the correct therapeutic term. If not google Eli Lily pharmaceutical before 1930 , there were 5 big pharma that used to sell it for many illnesses including cancer).

    Anyways, there is evidence that cannabis oil kills cancer stems but this clinical trials are being done abroad. Israel is the hub and from where we in the USA get the latest information. If you search on FACEBOOK you can see how Zelda Therapeutics out of San Francisco as well as Constance Therapeutics are teaming up with major universities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical abroad. I know Zelda was having clinical trials here in San Francisco but related to sleep or pain I believe. …On YOUTUBE search Mara Gordon (Zelda Therapeutics) and Constance Finley (Constance Therapeutics) both are makers/researchers/and were patients at one point.

    The reason why people react different to the Cannabis Oil is because lack of clinical trials here in the USA as well as information…one word of caution you want FECO oil (RSO means it has unhealthy solvents) where makers use other methods of extraction for FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) the DOSING becomes more confusing because you need a knowledgeable doctor or maker that can recommend dosing based on the condition at hand and the patients goals (for some people suppositories make a difference for others it doesn’t since the rate of absorption down there is not the same as when you ingest it). Also FECO oil may come with Olive Oil or MCT (coconut oil) but the most important thing is potency as anything below 60% potency is worthless for therapeutic reasons. So ask your maker/dispensary for a lab report for the product at hand, if you are making it, then it is a different story.

    For my human CCA patient we were advised to do micro-dosing and it was a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Now, for my non-human (dog) Mast Cell Cancer (which is another beast) we are treating aggressively and after trying 1:1 ratio, 3:1 ratio, I am seeing a difference with 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC but then again, I was lucky to get a response from one of the ladies I mentioned above and I get my dog’s cannabis oil tailored made here locally in San Diego so I buy 30 ML bottle with 1000 mg of cannabis with a droppers and my goal is 80 drops a day distributed throughout the day….Some cancers need a higher CBD ratio because it is the inflammation that you are trying to contain before THC goes in there and does its job….

    Finally, DIET change is a must and don’t be fooled when they tell you it doesn’t matter. In addition to the right ratio of cannabis oil, my dogs big fat tumor (which happens to be outside his armpit) started to shrink when I started cooking for him only cooling foods based on chinese meds (that is only turkey, cod, duck, rabbit along with low carb veggies, and no sugar and healthy fats like olive, coconut, organic ghee, flaxseed)

    Just my two cents as a caregiver for both human and non humans……and yes! eating healthy can be expensive and time consuming so I started to eat what I cook for my dogs (the other one is ingested some toxins so it injured his liver and he is too in this cooling food diet minus the fats)…So I will see the effects on my body too :)

    Blessings your way.



    Thanks Mary!

    We don’t know of any spreading yet. This will be the first scans done since she was diagnosed. I think they do chemo for 9 weeks, then a cat/mri scan. So we’ll see in a week if anything has changed.


    Hi Jeff,

    It is good to hear that your mother-in-law is doing well and tolerating her treatment. I agree it does seem strange that the doctor is trying to boost blood counts that appear to be within acceptable levels – worthwhile to question this with the doctor or nurse at the next opportunity.

    You mentioned your mother-in-law has been diagnosed with intrahepatic CCA, with multiple tumors in both lobes of her liver. You have not mentioned any further spreading. If I understand this correctly, she is in an advantageous situation as regards treatment. Hopefully her treatment can keep things controlled and stable, or even open the door for other treatments that are also life-extending with good quality of life.

    Abandoning “modern medicine” carries a risk of losing control of CCA. Because CCA has potential to move quickly, foregoing what her doctors are recommending for a few months to try an unproven treatment could have unfortunate consequences, particularly since from what you describe, she seems stable at the moment.

    You mentioned concerns about developing a second cancer. This is not misplaced, cases do occur although only rarely. I looked at this for myself wondering about the consequences of having chemo, radiation and lots of scans. I concluded for myself that it is far more urgent that I address my CCA now rather than worrying about an unlikely adverse impact that usually does not materialize for a decade out plus or minus. Each person assesses risk in his or her own way.

    Fingers crossed for good scan results and treatment success for your mother-in-law.

    Regards, Mary


    So 3 months ago my mother in law was diagnosed with a form of systemic CC. About a 3″ tumor in the left lobe and a few smaller ones in the right. Went to university of chicago, univeristy of Michigan, and Karmonas cancer in our town. All agreed the gem/cis chemo to start. She’s been on the chemo for 9 weeks and just had her first cat and mri scan. Of course we don’t get the results for another week when we meet with the doctor.

    She’s tolerating the chemo well. No real side effects. She’s a bit tired is all. No pain, no hair loss or nausea. She’s also on medical marijuana and taking the rick simpson oil in capsules, but she’s only taking it at night because it makes her feel buzzy. We’ve tried telling her she needs to increase the dosage to get past that and it will just make her sleep for a couple weeks until her body adjusts to it, but she’s stubborn and doesn’t want to be sleepy. We are putting it in suppository form because you can supposedly take larger dosage without the buzzy effects, so we’ll see. My wife and I wish she would quit the chemo and just use the cannabis oil for a couple months, but they are very trusting of modern medicine. We’ve just read so much about how damaging the effects of chemo are and how it increases your chances of getting cancer in other areas of your body. If she would just increase the dosage of the oil and give it 60 days, I think it would give her better results than the chemo. Of course the doctors just say “there’s no evidence to support that cannabis oil will cure cancer”. I asked him, so, you said there’s no evidence to support it, so your not saying it will or won’t work, your just saying there haven’t been enough studies done. He just repeated the same statement. I have a feeling that’s all the center allows them to say.

    Not real impressed with her oncologist. Her white blood count was still in the high range, I think it was around 10,000, but he wanted to give her a series of 5 shots to raise it. So after that, it was at 70,000 which is unbelievably high. Of course all the dr said was, “oh, well we don’t do that again”. Duh. Now her red blood count is still in the higher part of the range, but he wants to give her a shot to increase that. I really wish he would stop playing god and messing with blood like that. I can’t help but wonder how much is needed verses how much is just to line the pockets of the cancer center.

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