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    Thank you Terri for giving sharing this great news with us.
    Hugs to Susan,


    Suzanne…. A couple big hugs coming to you! Keep up that positive can do attitude!
    Bless Ya!
    Jeff G.


    WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!



    Thanks for the update and all the great news. I am glad that the resection was successful & that Suzanne is doing so well. Give her a hug for me and tell her there is a lot of love & encouragement coming her way. As always, she will be in my thoughts & prayers along with you & the rest of your family.



    It is wonderful to hear good news in the midst of this dis-ease. Very timely too. I am happy for you all. Someone has to show CC who is boss! -ljg


    All –

    I am happy to report that Suzanne’s resection was successful! She is 2 days out of surgery and already sitting in a chair for extended periods and taking walks down the hall. Her doctor is extremely happy with the results, and of course, we are, too!

    Terri (her sister)


    Hi Suzanne

    Just thinking of you tonight and wishing the very best for your surgery tomorrow! I’m so hoping for good news for you.

    You had asked about recovery from liver resection and never having had surgery before I certainly had nothing to compare it to! I was in the hospital 8 days and out of bed the second day after surgery. My blood count was low after surgery so that made it a little difficult with dizziness and all. I went out for dinner (Thai!) the day after I got home from the hospital, to a farmer’s market the second day, and the grocery store the third day, and worked up to walking the dogs a mile (two German Shepherds!) two weeks out. I did consider the recovery really a “full time job”. I worked really hard at taking short walks every two or three hours, taking an hour nap during the morning and in the afternoon, and eating really well (frequent small amounts with a lot of protein).

    Know that we’re all sending good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers your way! Please let us know how you’re doing as soon as you’re able!



    Yea, Suzanne! “Break a leg!”. Oops sorry wrong scenario! Just can’t tell you how many good wishes and prayers are coming your way. Even my eyes are crossed for you. Keep us posted when you can.


    Suzanne…fingers crossed (including toes) for a successful surgery. Can’t wait to hear from you. Feb. 18 is marked on my calendar.
    Tons of good wishes coming your way.


    Thanks to all for the support! I have so many different fears about this, but I know it’s my best option. Knowing that so many people are supporting me will help me get through this surgery and recovery. I wish I could adequately express how much it means to me. I’ll possibly be posting again before Feb 18, but if not I’ll see you guys again in a few weeks!


    Regarding your question about biopsying the bile ducts – Gary had only a “thickening” of the bile duct wall when they did the ERCP to get a diagnosis. The first day they did a brushing of the inside of the duct, and the second day they tried to do a needle biopsy, but there wasn’t any growth to go into. The result of the brushing was “atypical” cells, and he went on to have a Whipple which confirmed CC. Good luck with your surgery!


    Hi Suzanne,

    I underwent a resection in October 2008. I can say that I did not have any major issues with my recovery (with reagrds to my liver) following it. My resection removed all the tumour in my liver, three lymph nodes below the liver and bile duct, which the surgeons were not expecting, thus the operation took nine hours rather than the four expected.

    My main issues were with the drains which I had in each side. Whilst the drains were still inside my body they were not filling with liquid but as soon as I had them removed a lot of liquid seeped and I had bags over them for a couple of weeks.

    For recovery just eat as soon as you are allowed, my appetite returned quickly and was back on a full diet only a few days after surgery, which I was not expecting.

    My abdomen muscles still haven’t recovered totally, they are still feeling tight but this is to be expected less than three months after surgery I guess? How long did you take to recover?

    I wish you all the very best for the surgery and the future.



    Suzanne, I hope your resection is successful and you have many, many more years to spend with your family.

    God bless you!


    Suzanne, you sound like a very strong woman and your attitude is the best! We have not dealt with what you are about to go through but we just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and pulling for you. If prayers and thoughts really help there is a tremendous amount coming your way!!


    Resection can sometimes be a cure, if it’s possible to remove all the tumors.

    I was told after my resection that the part of the liver that was removed doesn’t actually “grow back” (like a starfish grows a new arm if one breaks off) but instead the remaining part expands to take over the functions of the part that is missing.

    As for recovery– expect to do just about nothing for maybe two weeks after surgery, and then to take it very easy for at least a month after that. Try to start eating tiny amounts of food as soon as they’ll let you, and get up and move around as much as you can, even in the hospital. When I got home, my first walk was ten feet to the end of my porch, but I did a little more every day and it really helped me get back to normal.

    And don’t think of recovering as a “slow walk through the fire.” You will feel better and better every day!

    We’re all here cheering you on!


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