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    Dear Michelle –

    It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? Please call and talk to the doctor and tell him your concerns. As you know, my Dad’s bili never came down enough even after two external drains were placed. I found that once we started being proactive (ie harrassing :) the doctors, we got a lot more feedback.

    I do hope your Dad is feeling better.



    Dear Michelle, I’m sorry I can’t answer your question but I wanted to welcome you to this wonderful site.

    I do hope Billy starts dropping soon. It took a while for my sister’s levels to come down but they’re down now & she was able to start chemo this week.

    Good luck!!


    Michelle….is it possible for you to have a phone conversation with the doctor? If so, he might be able to inform you and answer your questions.
    Best wishes,


    Thanks everyone. Dad is being discharged today, still with high levels, we see the DR again on tuesday. My father is so tired and again has lost alot of weight. They did another cholangiogram yesterday and could find no blockages, i can never get to see the DR for a one on one, dad did have a scan and they found no masses in the liver, i will ask about an MRI.

    As for the 2nd opinion, the DR that we are with, is the one with the most experience in Cape Town, my father trusts him and will not see anybody else.

    SOuth AFrica is way behind in terms of insight and knowledge of CC.

    Thank you so much for the support. I do appreciate it.

    lotsa love



    I dont have any ideas but hopefully someone will be along shortly who does. I just wanted you to know hugs are coming from Sweden.



    Dear Michelle, we are very sorry to hear of your dad’s turn of events. Have they suggested doing any Scans, MRI or PET? That would be my suggestion. You also might want to get a second opinion on what they think is going on? Have you sat and talked to his doctor? I am not a doctor, seem to have my own brand of medicine and it’s called my gut feeling. I would ask the doctor, “if you are finding nothing wrong why are his counts climbing?” Just come right out with it. One cannot prepare if you don’t really know what is happening. Please let us know.


    Dad was diagnosed with CC in March 2009. He has had a metal stent put, but was hospitalised last week because of jaundice. They drained bile via a bag, flushed the stent, but it is now day 10 in hospital, and the levels of bilirubin are just not going down? What could be the problem, spoke to the doctor who said they would do another cholangiogram and then he would get back to me tomorrow, dad says cholangiogram showed no blockage. So what could be the reason for bilirubin not going down? I am so worried, could the CC have spread somewhere else. Tumour markers are also up.

    Should i prepare for bad news…


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