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    Hya all I am writing to say it is ALAN’S birthday today (16/11/06) but he really did not like having cards. He much prefered a bar of chocolate. cream cake or even a bar of fudge. Non-the less as his mum I still got him a card sometimes jokey even childish or with a really good verse. He would look at it, put it back in the envelope and I used to think, oh well.
    Now I know he put them all in a box and saved them. I have sat and read through them today and shed tears yet again.
    However, 6 months on I have realised that he would not have survived even until now. One of the main things has been to realise that he was so fit and healthy he missed all of the warning signs.
    I would repeat what is being said on here, be more energetic and active about pressing for treatments etc.
    Everyone we came into contact with had in alan’s words already given up on him and due to our lack of knowledge about this at the time we did not get second opinions.
    My aim in life now is to pass on as much as I can to everyone about cc.

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