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    Bob’s wife,
    So sorry tohear of your loss. I got behind on keeping up and just read now that bob died. Just know that cc patients and caregivers are praying for you and that the strength you feel to get through each day is from the grace of God. We couldn’t do this fight alone and now Bob is not suffering anymore. God Bless Mary Anne


    Hya Bobs wife I feel so much of the pain you are feeling.
    As Betty and others have said the journey over the next months will be so very hard. I too disliked it when others either said take one day at a time or even of late it is time to move forward.
    You will only be able to do these things when you are ready. It is lonely and painful
    but of late I am trying to convince myself we were lucky that it was so quick that Alan and we did not suffer too long. I hope you are able to visit your precious memories every day and these will be of such great joy and comfort to you at this awful time.
    take care of you and yours we are all thinking of you love and light teresa xxxxxxx


    Bob’s Dear Wife — My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and your son at this time. I lost my husband, Marv, on May 18, ’07. It’s awfully lonely without him, but I feel the peace, knowing that he did not linger or suffer very long. May precious memories of his love for you be of great comfort in your sorrow. My love and hugs, Jean


    Bob’s wife,
    My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. May you find peace in the love and support of others. My husband, age 51, lost his battle in May. Keeping extremely busy has been of some help to me. Falling in bed exhausted gets me through the night. Knowing our loved ones are no longer suffering brings me peace. You will find a way to get you through whatever is ahead. I pray the toughest days are behind you.
    Take care,


    Bob’s wife,
    So very sorry for your loss. The journey that you will travel in the next few months
    will be hard but God will give you strenth. I use to hate to hear someone say –
    just take one day at a time, but that is exactly what you will have to do. Some will be harder than others. Know that you are thought of and I pray for you to find peace.
    God Bless


    Bob’s wife,

    It’s never easy to read that we’ve lost someone. Much love to you and yours as you work through this time of grief.



    Bob’s Wife,
    I am sorry for your loss. I am sending big hugs to you and your family. CC is sometimes stronger than the individual, but not stronger than the love between the patient and his friends and family or their memories. Bob is now at peace, but he will always be not just with you, but with the rest of us in this community. You always sounded very brave, but please remember you dont always have to be so. We are here for you.


    Dear Bob’s wife, I’m back from visiting my husband in the hospital recovering from pneumonia, probable secondary to chemo, and I read your post.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Forty-eight is way too young. Not that any age is appropriate for this horrible disease. I admire your strength, and I grieve for you. There must be some relief knowing that Bob is at peace. I know watching my husband go through this is devistating.

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Pam


    Bob’s wife,
    Patty and I are so sorry to hear of your loss. We also feel the closeness of this group and there are not enough words to describe the support that we feel, knowing that we all are pulling together. You WILL see Bob again someday when the great Healer comes to take us to that heavenly home where we can live throughout eternity with the ones we love. Please know that we are feeling your grief. May God give you strength to get through the days ahead.
    Ted and Patty


    Ronda- I hope you and your son can find peace in knowing how your love and support surely helped Bob fight this horrible disease and leave this world knowing just how loved he was. You are in my thoughts and your participation on this site has made a difference to me and I am sure all of the members. Take care of yourself. Patrice


    Bob’s Wife, My deepest symphathy. May Bob Rest In Peace. I pray for God to give you the strength during this time of loss.
    Jeff G.


    Bob’s Wife,
    You have my sincere and heartfelt condolences, I have read your posts and felt your anguish – and Bob’s. May you both have some peace – even when you expect the end, it is still always devastating.

    Hugs and tears to you,


    To all who have been following my posts Bob has passed away yesterday morning. Ironically it was his 48th birthday. I am heart broken and sad as can be, but at the same time greatful that his suffering is over. I will continue to wish the best for all of you who are fighting the fight and pray that one day there can be a end to this terrible disease. Where can money be donated to do the most good to get the word out that more research needs to be put into stopping this demon disease! Thank you all for your loving care and support through this terrible time.
    Always Bob’s Wife

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