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    Hello Ak
    I think Theresa is right on track, suggesting the Miilk Thistle. MY Wife Patty was diagnosed in Feb. 07 and had unresectable surgery. She dicided to not have any chemo or radiation. We have read so much about the terrible side effects. I agreed with her and we are trying several alternative treatments. We have heard a lot of good things about IP-6 and she is also using Par de’ arco and chapperell and red clover and Milk thistle. She takes 10 grams of IP-6 a day. She recovered from her surgery and is feeling better each day. She also drinks 20 ounces of fresh carrot juice morning and evening. She had external drains to relieve the pressure of the bile. After four trys over a period of two month, they finally were able to insert an internal drain and she is improving in strength and getting her appitite back. We believe in prayer and lean heavely on our Lord and Saviour for strength and healing if it is HIs will. We live one day at a time and understand what you are going through. Our prayers are with you and all going through the awful desease.


    Hya ak
    I am Alan’s mom (see rememberance) I live south side of birmingham.
    Is your uncle at Queen Elizabeth hospital.
    We had no support from our docs.
    I am a registered Homoeopath and would reccommend to start giving MILK THISTLE HERBAL TINCTURE. This is a well known liver remedy that will help jaundice. Other people also on this site are using this as part of their nutritional remedies. If you can let me know where you are in brum I can reccomend somewhere for you to get this. love and light teresA.


    My uncle was diagnosed with CC about month a go. They discovered it becuase of his Jaundice state. The hospitals here in Birmingham said that they would not be able to operate and they said he would have up to a year to live after they releived his jaundice.

    We got him referred to St James in Leeds for a second opinion. The consultant there said that he would relieve the jaundice state with a stent and was willing to operate on him to remove the tumour. However, the radiologist disagreed with the Consultant and said that he shouldn’t do the procedure to releive the jaundice. Now after this the consultant did an explorotary operation and tried to see if he could surgically try to remove the Jaundice. Unfortunately it was a no go. My uncle’s bile ducts are too damaged.

    The consultant has now said that we he will attempt the operation even though my uncle is in a Jaundice state in a couple of weeks time but has also told us not to pin our hopes on it. There is a 10 percent risk that my uncle may not recover frm this operation, and even if it is successful it may give him another 18months of life.

    We, his family together with my uncle have decided to give the operation a chnace. Its like he says ‘do i have a choice’? He has a 5yr old son, 3yr old daughter, and a 5week only baby boy. He as every reason to live and fight against this desease to prolong his life. It breaks me to peices to watch young family.

    If anyone can offer me any advice on how to build up his strength over the next 10 days or alternative treatment to relieve his jaundice to get him fit for this major surgery please contact me IMMEDIATELY.

    I thank you in advance for taking this time to read the post and pray that you have the strength to get through any difficult time that you and your family may be going through.

    A x

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