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    Bazel wrote:
    When my dad started on the Xeloda he developed one of the common side effects which was essentially canker (type) mouth sores. His doctor was able to prescribe something called

    Dear Kris and Lisa,

    I hope all of your treatments are helping and working to help you fight this disease. All the very best to you both.



    Kris & Lisa,

    I too am watching for your postings. You are both in my thoughts & prayers every day.



    Dear Kris and Lisa, you are both such sweethearts and I’ve always tried to watch your postings. You touch my heart. I’m praying for you. We all are.



    Kris, and Lisa –
    I am just sitting back, reading this thread (and many others), and pulling for both of you. Of course, my thoughts and prayers are with you both – go xeloda, go (oxalplatin, also)!

    Joyce C.


    When my dad started on the Xeloda he developed one of the common side effects which was essentially canker (type) mouth sores. His doctor was able to prescribe something called


    Hi Kris,
    The portacath is great. I’m sorry you had to go through the pain that you did. Are you able to drink anything cold?


    Well, my first day of chemo was just fine…sort of. The steroids shrank my liver numbers enough to get the Avastin and Oxalplatin. Everything was going great until the end of the Oxalplatin when my arm felt like it was being attacked by fire ants. Apparently my vein had had enough. I had to stay at the hospital for 2 hours more to get ice packs on my arm which continued for another 3 hours at home. I had to go back into the hospital today to have them check my arm. No permanent damage, will just have pain for a week or two and the next time my portacath will be in place so I wont have problems. I am sensitive to the cold, but nothing else.

    I started the Xeloda last night as well, 8 pills a day. So far, so good…no bad side effects.

    Lisa, be bummed out. It helps to let it out once in awhile.



    Kris…I hope all went well today and that, after the steroids, you were finally able to start the chemo. I know you have such a fight ahead of you. You just need to get this going, get that tumor shrunk, and then find a good surgeon. I think of you so often and am sending all positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    Lisa…I bet the end of April is looking very far away! I think it’s a very good decision to quit working. Do you think the new chemo is causing more side effects as well? I so hope you’ll start feeling better soon. Am sending all my prayers and positive thoughts to you as well.



    Felt better today, although I spent a good deal of it on the toilet (too much information!)

    I’m starting to take Metamucil, which will help keep me regular and drown the taste of the Xeloda pills.


    Lisa….No need to question it you are entitled to be sick. A day off might very well give you more energy for the next one. Hang in there, April is not too far off.


    I’m bummed out, too. I have felt lousy this past week and weekend. I don’t know why I thought that I could continue on physically feeling fine when I have this horrible disease. Is it ok to give myself permission to feel sick sometimes? I don’t know how I’m going to hang on at work until the end of April.


    Good luck for tomorrow


    Ok Patty,
    I will get started. I was a teacher at one point in my life so I will make sure that I get that teacher language correct. I think my first chapter will be…”You are not welcome. Leave now.”

    All lost night and this morning I was visualising my liver lifting weights and having a cleaner come in and mop out its insides. I think they must have slipped something a little funky in my stir fry last night. Anyway, off to the ultrasound where some horrible man will aggressively push on my tumor and new incision. Oh the joys.




    Whoa, margaritas? What did I miss? My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Or maybe some of you have been warned about me and margaritas.

    Kris, I have decided as a librarian that you need to write a book, the title is:

    What to Say When You Talk to Your Tumors: A No Nonsense Guide to Putting Unwelcome Masses in Your Body in Their Place

    I think you are uniquely qualified to author this book so get busy, I will start looking for a publisher.


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