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    Kris, I was upset to read you didn’t get your frozen Margarita! We will keep everything crossed for Monday, eyes, arms, fingers, legs…you name it. Annoy away. I always say Teddy will live a long time as I am not done aggravating him! Hi Jeff!!!! I slept but got up so early today.


    Hi Kris , Sorry your bummed out girl. I had those days and hated waiting for the next week or so. The good thing is your keeping your body in check by not over doing it. I have had one of those nights ( your day). just could get to sleep. Now I’ll probally conk out as everyone else is getting up and going for the day.
    Jeff G,


    So I got myself all psyched up, reading for the chemo. I even had a “discussion” with my tumor telling it I was going to fry it and then cut it. Well no luck for me today. My liver function tests went up, way up so I was denied chemo today. I will take steroids for a couple of days and I have a ultrasound tommorrow to look at the liver. We will try again on Monday.

    Now I am worried about more spread. How can I feel so good and have all these problems? I am so bummed out. Off to take my steroids, get hyper and annoy my lovely husband. :)


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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