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    Bob, Welcome and thank you for sharing your miracle story with us.

    Thank you too for your very warm Godly wishes of grace mercy and peace on all of us on this site. Thank you so much for your heart! And may be God bless you even further than he has in his quest to heal you.

    Hope to hear more from you soon.

    Linda Z.


    All I can say right now is, “Praise be to God.” Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


    Hello Bob. Welcome and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story! Your survival is a miracle and I wish you continued success in your journey. God bless …. Dale


    Hi Bob,

    Welcome to the site. And thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with all of us. That sure is some journey that you have been on and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    My best wishes to you,




    Let me join Marion and Lainy in welcoming you to this site. Although your story is a rather scary one, the fact that you are still here leads me to believe that you have a guardian angel watching over you, else some darn good doctors!

    Here’s to another 20 years or so!

    Go with God and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer!

    Margaret (My Husband and Cholangiocarcinoma)


    Bob…I would like to follow Lainy in welcoming you to our site. Indeed, you are another miracle. I want to believe that this cancer can be treated as a chronic disease and that options are open to anyone wanting to fight; similar to the way you have been able to do.
    I am glad that you have found us and I am looking forward to many more of your stories.
    Best wishes,


    Hello Bob and WELCOME to our family. You ARE a true Miracle. My goodness, what a great example to give hope to our whole site. We love it. Looking forward to hearing what the doctors decide to do and hope that We hope and pray that this newer tube does the job. All I can say is WOW!


    Just ran across this site while doing other research. I was diagnosed in mid Dec. 1996. Had the surgery (which failed to remove all cancer), chemo. and radiation. Had a suture break loose 5 days after surgery (while coughing) which caused bile to pour into my abdominal cavity (the surgeon told me it was “impossible”) and caused severe pain and off and on infection for many weeks. Completed treatment in May of ’97 and remained cancer free. At about 5 1/2 years they were sure that mets suddenly showed up in both lungs during routine CT scan. A biopsy of the nodules in the left lung showed them to be benign but somewhat unexplained. Other than that, my body functioned as normal until about 3 years ago when I began to have signs of infection. They seemed to increase in severity and frequency until Sept. of ’09 when I was hospitalzed with severe liver infection (four more stays since then). The ‘stub’ of a duct which was attached to the duodenum had closed causing a buildup of bile and infection. They placed a tube through the liver, through the duct into the duodenum to allow drainage. These catheters are being changed out every 6-8 weeks hoping to eventually break scar tissue formed in the duct and hope to have the duct form anew over the tube. Plan ‘B’ is a left lobe lobectomy which is where most of the trouble is. At this point, I’m just along for the ride…

    I am told by nearly every doctor I’ve had contact with that my survival is “miraculous”. I’m glad to know the One who works miracles because I am here today simply because of His grace and mercy extended to me. May the Living God grant all at this site His grace, mercy and peace which passes understanding.

    Love to you,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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