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    Lainy you are so right, to have found a soul mate is just the most wonderful blessing, and one that is not granted to everyone in this life – we just wanted to keep them a bit longer, didn’t we …



    Oh, Helen, I am so sorry! I had always thought it was the other way around. I am so happy for you that you have your son and how lucky we both were to have found that one and only love of our lives.


    Thank you Marion and Gavin, for your kind words … surely together we can and will make a difference!

    And Lainy – Alan was my husband and was/is the absolute love of my life (as your Teddy is to you) – thank God I still have my son Tom, (who is 28 and a dedicated paramedic) who brings lots of support and fun into my life.

    Love and positive thoughts for you all.

    Helen xx


    Dear Helen……My heart is with you on this special day. You are a shining light in the world of cholangiocarcinoma and I so much wish for more Helens to be in this world.
    Helen, I know that we will prevail and that we will continue to fight for a cure for this cancer. It will happen.
    A special hug to you,


    Dear, Dear Helen, my thoughts go out to you today and yes, Alan is very proud of you indeed! It was devastating to loose the love of my life, but God forbid, there is nothing worse than loosing a child. My heart has always gone out to you and to all Mothers every where who have lost a child. A child is a child no matter how old he gets. Big hugs over the water coming your way!


    I don’t know Helen that if in 2011 we will reach our goal, but if not, we will still keep moving forward, as long as it takes and nothing will stop us.

    And for those of you who might not have looked at Helen’s AMMF site, here is an example of the great work that she and AMMF do and have done:


    Thank you so much, Gavin, for your very kind words.

    Let’s hope that 2011 brings, if not the miracle, then at least some good results from the research that’s currently underway, which will lead the way forward …

    Helen xx


    Dear Helen,

    Today I am thinking of you and all of your family. And Alan will look down on you with nothing but pride for the outstanding work that you have done with AMMF, and for all your work we are all so very grateful and thankful.

    You are right in that being touched by this disease is what pushes so many of us forward. And we have made progress but so much can, needs and will be done and we will climb that mountain together and make that miracle happen.




    Thank you for your kind words, Andrea.

    The answers to this devastating disease must be out there somewhere – we’ll just keep going until we find it …

    Helen x


    Dear Helen,

    Just want to say we are thinking of you and your family today. I’d also like to thank you for all the hard work you have done in the UK for cholangiocarcinoma.

    Alan will be watching down from heaven so proud of all the work you have done. Miracles can happen and with people like you we have more chance of our miracle happening.

    Much love

    Andrea x


    Ten years ago today Alan died from cholangiocarcinoma. It’s really hard to believe that so much time has passed – and my heart still aches and I have wept so many tears today for what Alan had to endure, what he lost, what I lost, the future together that we lost, and what our son has lost.

    I know that what I feel is felt by everyone whose life has been touched by this disease, and it is what drives me forward with AMMF (The Alan Morement Memorial Fund) here in the UK – and I’m sure it’s what drives everyone involved with this wonderful foundation, too.

    Sadly, with an enormous increase in the incidence of this disease, research is as badly needed now as it was when Alan was diagnosed. BUT progress is being made – wonderfully dedicated researchers are working to find the answers, and here in the UK AMMF remains committed to supporting them in whatever way we can.

    Climbing the mountain and looking for the miracle!

    Helen xx

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