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    I guess that’s why life is called a journey Lainy. Journey’s are learning lessons and of course lessons do not come easily, do they? You are such a powerful, strong lady I am sure that these latest hiccups will pass.
    In peace,


    Ah Lainy, you know it can never be easy….that’s why we are all hear….we didn’t get th easy path. I wish it was that easy….remember though, you know your body and you don’t feel like anything is wrong so you are good.

    Keep us posted.



    Duke, you really crack me up!!!


    You need to find a dentist with different pharmaceuticals. The fear may remain, but it will be a lot more fun.

    I love it when someone tries to assume an Authority Figure attitude on me. I remain silent and just stare at them, lifting an eyebrow and frowning slightly. They generally crack in less than 30 seconds.

    Not just because all others are taken. Be yourself because you are exactly the person you want to be. If you aren’t there yet, “Make it so Number One.” (ST TNG, Pickard to Riker.)


    Well, they are cute….but soooooooo young. Even my Grandchildren 4 of which have Graduated College don’t make me feel old BUT when I meet a 41 year old Doctor wow I feel ancient. Good part is at my age I have no more fear of Principals, Cops or anyone in authority! The Rebel Grandma. Honestly I have always marched to my own beat except when I was married to Brand X and didn’t realize what mental abuse was. But I learned and grew and do not fear anything. Wait, still fear the Dentist! Love it when my own kids (53 and 51) tell me how strong I am. Ok so I never want you to say never so I say anyone named Duke has to be cute but in a very masculine way and you have a great outlook on life and a great personality. Be yourself, all the others are taken!


    “Can it ever be cut & dry?”

    Short answer: “No.”

    Long answer: “Heck no. And you already knew that.”

    Great news on your Remicade infusion. Ride it as hard and as long as you can.

    It’s amazing that when something like a scan with contrast (which should be almost automatic) gets missed. I always check my lab order to make sure I know what they are going to do.

    The Duke is jealous. I bet you like your doctors only because they are cute. I haven’t been called cute since before I started school. And that was by my mother. We all know what bad eye sight they have. Guess I’ll have a chicken sandwich and go back to my cattle.


    Not talking about a hair cut here but this is my newest update.

    #1 ONC called me and said my ONC Surgeon does not want to wait 6 months for my next MRI with contrast for the GIST Cancer I had but wants it repeated in 3 months. I am 5 1/2 years clean. But because of the shadows the radiologist saw Dr. Runfola wants to be sure. I feel so blessed for him!

    #2 Saw a Neuro Surgeon for 2nd Opinion on the thing in my head and he was
    very upset that they did not do a Scan with contrast as you almost can’t see anything, so I should hear from an Imaging Firm and have that done hopefully next week. I really liked him and will do what he says. He did say it did NOT look like Cancer nor a Meninginoma.

    #3 Had my 6th Remicade infusion and by jove I think it’s working. Afraid to say that too loud. Next one June (every 8 weeks). Bless my a–! Seriously

    Just an aside: My Neurologist is Dr. Mortazavi, Gastro is Rohit Mahajani (looks like Dr. Javle) ONC is Dr. Lau and Neuro Surgeon is Dr. Titeen Andalkar. They all laugh at me now at how I can rattle off all their names. I tell them why not? They are my TEAM!

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