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    Hi Percy,

    Great to hear from you my friend! And of course I will say hi to my mum from you. We could do with some of that 85f temp that you guys have over here! I saw in our local paper that the weather over your way was warming up and of course I thought of you. Hope that you are able to get outside in the garden and get some sum if possible. Well needed after the brutal winter that you will have had!

    I hear what you say about your new normal and fighting the fatigue, my dad went through that as well. He used to nap a lot during the day and that seemed to help him a bit. One of the things that really helped my dad was when he went to the day care centre, that helped him a lot. He used to go twice a week and it was not full of morose people or anything like that, they all had a great laugh there and it lifted my dads moods enormously.

    Nothing wrong with talking or thinking about the future either I would say, that is normal. But yes, as Willow says, a break from that can help as well and that again is something that the day care centre helped my dad to do. Glad to hear that you are still enjoying your sport, I know how much you like that! And the Blackhawks winning, makes a change from our Bears losing again, big grrrr to that! Who knows, maybe next year will be our year as we say every year!

    Thank you Percy! Please remember that we are as always all here for you and know as well that you are much loved by us all.

    And go Bears as always!



    Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing. Sounds like spring weather and the Blackhawks have helped you emotionally a bit. It’s ok to talk and think about the future though I’m not surprised you need a break from it sometimes. Sending a big hug and prayers for your peace and comfort.


    Hi, Gavin,

    Well done, I am sure this is the TIL@NIH patient ,one of our CCF member, that is so famous now.

    Gavin, you never disappoint ed.

    Say hi to your mum for me, 85F in Chicago, grass is growing,birds are singing, Blackhawks is winning, Indy car is racing( watch one of the best race yesterday).
    Coping with new normal,like babysit constipation( a 20min job ), try to keep warm( take hot bath or use heat pad),try to fight of fatigue;(easy said than done),manage pain every four hour( relatively easy), move around more often,find ways to increase my poor appetite here and there( difficult), try to stop talking or thinking to much about the future( very difficult),
    Again, thanks Gavin for your devotion .
    God bless.


    Cancer Immunotherapy Based on Mutation-Specific CD4+ T Cells in a Patient with Epithelial Cancer.

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