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    Crissie –
    I am sorry about the loss of you dad. I understand your sorrow. I lost my dad six years ago suddenly to an undiagnosed heart problem. I just hits you so hard. I will tell you that cc unlike something like heart disease does not seem to have a genetic link. My husband has no family history of this type of cancer and in fact even as a nurse I had no idea what it is. My suggestion is to put it in one of those file drawers in you mind and lock it away. You can take it out and think about it when you want to but don’t let it cloud your mind or stop you from living.

    I used to wonder how people who had cancer lived with the fact that it might return. I have to deal that know with my husband…..when will it come back? Will we know? I find that every day life just pushes those worries eventually.



    I, too, am sorry for the loss of your father. But there is nothing proving cc is a hereditary disease. My suggestion is like above… Don’t give cc the power! Take care of yourself, watch what you eat and IF you worry about it, get blood work done on a regular basis.



    I too am sorry about the loss of your father to this cancer in April. Having lost my dad to this cancer as well in 2009 I know how you feel right now. But I would urge you and say to you please, do not fret about something that may or may not happen in 20 years time. We don’t know what will or will not happen in any of our lives in the future.

    Randi is right in that just because one member of a family develops CC it does no mean that other family members will develop it as well over time. My dad was diagnosed with it in 2008 and no one else in my family has ever had it. There is no evidence to show that CC will be inherited by family members.

    Please, live your life in the now. I so know how raw you feel right now and how much you hurt, I felt like that as well after my dad died and that is so very normal Crissie. The pain that you feel will ease with time although sometimes it may feel to you like it will not, but trust me it will over time.

    As to how I deal with what may or may not happen in the future? I just do not worry about that at all. I try and live my life as best I can and if something happens to me in the years to come that I can’t change the outcome of right now then so be it and I will deal with it then. Let’s say for the sake of this discussion that it was shown at some point in the future that CC could possibly by inherited by family members, well I still wouldn’t worry too much about that as all I could do is still to live my life and get on with it as best I can. If it was shown that there was a risk that in 20 years time I could develop this then I wouldn’t like to spend these 20 years worrying about something that might or might not happen. My attitude would be why give up these 20 years to worry over something that might happen?

    Please do not worry about this Crissie. Live life and enjoy it as well!

    Hugs to you,



    I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I second what Melinda said…don’t give CC anymore power. Live, love and laugh often.


    Dear Crissie,
    I am sorry for the loss of your father. I am sure the pain is still so real. I would just like to say that cc has already taken so much from you, so please don’t allow the fear of the future get to you. Don’t give cc anymore power! Everyday is a gift and I agree with all that Randi said above. Live, love and enjoy every moment!
    Prayers to you!



    First I am so very sorry about your father’s death. Because he had CC does not mean that you automatically get it. The fact is, many people who get CC have no family history of CC.

    Then i want to say that a lot can happen in 20 years. There can be a lot of progress on treatment and diagnosis. You are very aware of things, so you can be very proactive about your health. You can adjust your lifestyle, for example, eating better, exercising more, etc. Unfortunately none of us has a crystal ball. You know, control the things that you can.

    I am sure that doesn’t make you feel any better because you lost your wonderful father to this disease and life is feeling pretty fragile and unpredicable for you right now.

    My best advice is to stay in the moment, enjoy your days, love the people you love, do the things you like to do,…well you get the picture. All things that are hard to do when you are grieving. Take your time, accept how you feel and try not to judge it or yourself too much.

    I hope that wonderful memories of your father replace your sadness soon.



    My father died from CC April of this year. I can’t stop thinking about how I may only have 20 or so years left until I get the cancer. How do others deal with this?

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