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    Julie, I


    My thanks to each of you for your possible thoughts and reminding me of who is truly in charge.



    Keep on fighting Jamie and Julie. Your courage is inspiring!



    I was diagnosed in Oct 2007 with Stage 4 CC and was told I had months. I asked about 5 year survival and basically told it was impossible. I too believe and told them that only God knew when my time would be. I am shooting for 5 years (praying for more) so I can go back to Mayo and let them know that statistics are just that and that there is always a possibility. Keep up your good attitude and glad you are responding so well to the chemo!! Take care and God Bless,


    Julie….This disease opens us up to a flood of sensitivity and we are bound to hear upsetting comments from others. On these occasions we rely on our inner strengths and the support lend to us by others. I recall a conversation with one of the numerous physicians involved in the care of my husband. Pointing his finger at him he said: This is your disease not the disease of anyone else. It is your body, your mind, and your ability to fight this cancer.
    Wise words!
    All my best wishes,


    Way to go Julie. “Amazing” is truly a gift. It is a time to celebrate. Regards and many prayers to you and your family.


    Dear Julie, look at the other side of what the Doctor presented. While he should not have given a time limit, we don’t believe in that anyway, look at how excited he was that you are holding your own! He called you a miracle and miracles don’t happen because someone gives up or the CC gets worse. Stable has a nice ring to it and that’s what you are. Be strong and don’t let whatever time is left, be it short or long, be wasted. Enjoy your children and enjoy your life. Attitude is everything! Remember only one word, he said you are “amazing”.


    Way to hang tough Julie! I remember in July when my oncologist gave me my official diagnosis of CC. The next thing he said was, “now, do you want to know how long you are going to live?” I said “NO!” He replied, “good, because I am not God”.


    By the way I am seen at USC Norris. The doctors and nurse practitioners are fantastic. They treat CC so they know what to try and what to expect. I feel like they are rooting for me all of the time. We talk about our kids and what they are doing. I always leave the office getting a big hug. I would highly recommend this hospital.


    Be positive Jtoro!!! My father was diagnosed last week and was told the same thing. No one knows when they will go, not even a doctor. Sounds like you’re doing great and wish you and your family nothing but the best.


    I have been battling this disease for 17 months. I have tumors in liver, lungs,
    Peritoneal area. I have been on the same treatment of xeloda, gemzar, and nexavar all these months. I have been stable since my first treatment. Ido have occasional pain in upper abdomen and take pain pill. I’m finally trying to go on living mylife with my husband, son-19, and daughter-16. I know God is in charge and he knows my exact time.
    Today I had a dr’s appointment and he is amazed that I have been on the same treatment all of these months. It is a miracle. I’m his longest patient to last on this current treatment. Today he openly said. ” this is amazing’l
    Most patients with this die between 10 months and a year “
    Even though I know the statistics, I never wanted to hear this from him. It really upset me and has pulled me back down. I believe the tremendous amount of prayers I receive have made a huge difference. God will decide when it’s my time to go. I hope I can pull out ofthis slump and go on living and enjoying my life.
    Thanks for listening,

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