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    My brushing biopsy came back suspicious only, but during the ERCP the gastro doc was able to see what appeared to be a tumor pressing from behind and ordered the MRI, which showed the ampulla mass. He put in a temporary stent to clear a blocked duct. Surgery was scheduled on an emergency basis since the mass was caught so early. Fortunate 6 months post op I am doing well after 6 weeks oral chemo & radiation. I would request scans or MRI’s, as the ERCP can’t see all. Even though mine was caught very early (surgeon said earliest he has seen) from time of scan to surgery the tumor had eroded thorugh bowel wall and
    some cancer cells in one lymph node (regional). Also the blood work reflected everything very high and off the charts, which indicated serious problems. SInce surgery all lab reports are back to normal with exception of
    vitamin D, which is low and white blood count low, both attributed to chemo and radiation.
    if there is any weight loss or disgestive discomfort don’t settle for a stent only, press on with the doctors.
    my best to you and your family, Ray


    My tumor showed up on a CT scan. Diagnosis was confirmed with a liver biopsy.
    I”ve had several brushings since then and they have all been negative.



    I have been told the same, Mary. Negative brushings do not exclude presence of this disease rather, they may provide one of numerous test results aiding in the diagnoses of this disease. In a brush biopsy cells or tissue are obtained by manipulating tiny brushes against the tissue or lesion in question. In our case a bronchoscope will be used at the desired site. Hence the reason for the many negative results, as the CC cells may very likely not be present at this particular portion of the tumor.


    I was always told that if a brushing came back negative it wasn’t necesarily negative, if it came back positive then it was positive. A tissue biopsy is the best, most reliable method. Mary


    daddylove….Brushings for this disease often times are inconclusive or, even negative. The physician will take in account the patient symptoms including, scans, blood test, MRI results, etc. and with that he/she will be able to make the diagnoses. Hence, it is preferred to consult with numerous doctors preferably with those physicians “very” familiar with this disease. However, as we have seen frequently on this board, the true extent of the disease only can be determined via surgery.
    Best wishes,


    daddylove, Teddy started itching and 2 weeks later Jaundiced. They did an Endoscopy and an MRI and found his bile duct valve had the Cc and his bile duct was closed. He got a stent had a Whipple that was aborted, developed a double e coli infection and 9 days after that had the complete Whipple surgery.


    daddylove, I was diagnosed with an ERCP. My main sympton was being itchy. My tan that summer was very golden, and they think it was probably due to being jaundice, but you couldn’t really tell. I was very lucky (one of my many miracles during this disease) was that the doctor (Dr. Aliperty) knew what he was looking at and knew all brushings would be negative. Brushings were done twice and pathology report came from Mayo, confirming cc. Good luck and lots of prayers Cathy


    My Dad was also diagnosed in April initially via results of the CT scan. His only symptom was painless jaundice. He then had a biopsy in May which confirmed it was CC. He was asked to go in especially for his biopsy which was a day case, can’t remember what the actual procedure was called but it was similar to the ERCP procedure, ie it was done by going down the throat.

    Reading my Dads note now, they also at one point thought it could be a secondary from bowel cancer (he had bowel cancer 9 years ago). It wasn’t but I think they wanted to make sure as to know what chemo regime to start.


    Hi, my dad was diagnosed with CC in April 2010. During his first ERCP/stent placement, Dr performed a biopsy via brushing and pathology report showed atypical cells suspicious of adenocarcinoma. The result was not definitive. Per Dr, it’s probably because it was a brushing not a piece of actual sample, it often times doesn’t come out as definitive. In Oct, he had another biopsy performed while he was having his stent replaced and the result was the same. How did you all get diagnosed with CC? Please share your experience! Thanks…..

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