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    As i read about the ICPR, a question popped in my head about who is making the donation to CCF in case 100 people register in the first 60 hrs. I would like also to know if this is a $500 per person or as a total donation???

    I also noticed by looking at the Foundation’s Finances and where the money goes, that the monies raised goes to research, advocacy and awareness, marketing etc… ( not in that specific order).
    The sad truth is that there is never enough money to do extensive research to find a cure or ways of early detection for cc (i will never use capital letters for this *&^*&%&*& disease) or other rare cancers.
    On the other hand, the Pharma companies will NOT invest millions of dollars to find a drug for a small number of patients.
    In my personal opinion, hoping for serious actions and advances in rare cancers treatments and detection is a hopeless case in the near future . For the time being,a patient has to depend on pure luck and hope for the best.
    I am not saying that we must give up hope, NOT AT ALL, I think we need to take some more serious approaches on how to educate others that are not dealing with cancer to stand up with us for the good of humanity.

    That being said, there is a very important issue that i think this Foundation should address. AS we all know, cancer does not effect the patient and his family on;y physically and emotionally, but also big time financially.
    In most cases,even if the patient has the best health insurance, a family member will have to put her or his life on hold, take a sick leave or quit their jobs to become the caregiver. This will add too much pressure and worries on a family that should be focusing ONLY on the health of the sick person.

    I would like to see on this website,with the help of all of us, a special account where the donations go to help the families that are in financial need.
    The Board Of Directors can make the decision or assign a deputy to make sure that the money is going to the ones that need it most.
    Some others might like to donate their air miles to help with travel expenses, gift cards to restaurant, hotels etc… and that too can be handled in the same way and confidentially.

    This isn’t that easy, it might raise questions on who really needs help? should we help this family or the other? and a lot more. But where there is a will, there is a solution.

    I know some also might say that communities and churches do this kind of fundraisers but this is not enough. There is so many people in need of help and no one is there to feel their pain.

    Just thinking loud and dreaming of a better world.


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