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    Nancy….the way I understand it and in simple terms, it’s all about the function of the liver and how much volume it has to do so. This pertains to surgery as well. Depending on the tumor location and size, there must be enough viable liver to keep the patient alive.
    Here is a an overview of SIRT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVLE8E3Cyzw
    It’s focused on metastases, but it offers good education on this treatment.




    Thanks for bumping; I thought I had responded to this (so sorry is it didn’t post). My mother had great success with Y-90 and systemic chemo, but she had no other mets. We were treating one inoperable 4×6 cm ICC tumor. What I do not know, is if the cancer has already spread or if there are multiple tumors, if shrinking the primary tumor still increases overall survival/quality of life. I I thought in Europe the Y-90 clinicals were not limited to those without mets, but would appreciate confirmation from others. Also, I have had relatives with other cancers that had bone mets who kept it in check for many years, so I think it would be worthwhile to keep pushing. I’m hoping some of our more knowledgeable members can chime in here :)

    One other thought- there are many who unfortunately do not have positive responses to chemo. Stable is great- shrinking is wonderful. Positive response to chemo gives additional time to start working on Plan B. We were nervous since we went 9 months without treatment between Mom’s first and second Y-90 treatments, but we were lucky in that the ONC said she must not have the “aggressive” form of CC.

    Best wishes,


    Thank you for that ❤️
    My friend does not want to know anything about this cancer, she has NEVER even googled it, and this seems to work for her. I am always trying to speak on her behalf and steer her in the right direction but as you all know it is a roller coaster. Now that her appt, is done I am questioning everything, all choices! I just wish there was a clear plan where I felt she had the best chance but I am so conflicted. I feel that if we do not push for Y90 or something similar it will never be offered uuggg


    I dont have experience with Y90 personally- just systemic chemo for one mass and mets to bones.
    – but I wanted to bump up your post.



    I am writing about my friend, she had inoperable stage 4 CC with probable mets to bones. We live in Canada and just had the appt. with ONC.
    I went armed with information from this group but in the end he told her he is giving her another 2 months off (3 in total), doing another scan and then probably another round of Chemo. She had an overall decrease in the size of her large tumor from 13.7 to 11.7 cm. we would like her to get that tumor attacked by Y 90.
    He tells us that there is no protocol for Y90 as she has one large tumor, across both lobes but also has a few smaller tumors in her right lobe. So we think, why not zap the big tumor with Y90 and give chemo as a systemic treatment? Apparently this is never done here, is it only done if you are lucky enough to get in a trial? I know I have read stories her where they have had this done but maybe it’s always been on a trial?
    Also there is a big story here in Canada as we have the Nanoknife technology but no one to do it as it’s not funded. The family of my friend would like to look into going to Germany for this, but the doctor said it’s only used if there is not spreading and you only have one tumor, has anyone here has success with IRE Nanoknife?
    I am so confused, I thought we would be able to get going on at least Y90 or some form of embolization of the large tumor but instead she gets a very long break. I know the break is good for her, but as her friend and her family we wonder if it’s too long and maybe the cancer will spread in 2 months?
    We do not do Y 90 her in Ottawa. We did ask for a referral to Princess Margaret in Toronto, but that will not be for a number of months. In the mean time I am counting on you great group of people to chime in with any Y 90 , Nanoknife stories.
    Thank you all ❤️❤️

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