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    crissie…..Gem/Cis pretty much has been accepted as the standard of treatment. You may want to take a look at the ABC study
    Given the results of the upcoming scan, the physician will determine as to whether your Dad may stay on this regimen, another combo may be offered or he/she may recommend a clinical trial.
    We offer a direct feed to clinical
    I understand your concern re: a phase I trial as it is geared to understanding the side effects of new drugs, how it affects cancer cells in patients and patient response to said drug. But, at times, it is the only way to have access to a particular drug not yet available to the general public. Much to consider and everything hinges on your Dad’s response to the current treatment. Specialist differ with their approaches hence it might help to obtain additional information from other doctors treating this disease.
    Please keep us informed – we care.


    Well on the study front, I work for a Contract Research Organization…we do drug studies so I am up on that type of information. They suggested a study for my dad but it was only a Phase I and we wanted to go the standard treatment route


    In my opinion, I am only a patient as Kris and your dad, iam no doctor.

    As a rule of thrumb,chemotherapy of the same will continue until”disease progress or intolerable side effects occur” that is included partial response (PD)and stable response(SD) of the tumor.((Ie: tumor getting small(=PD) or no change in the tumor=(SD).

    For more info on drugs used in treating cancer,the following link will be of some value. And remember, one drug works miracle for one, it does not apply to every one. And be careful, some doctor would like you to join clinical studies he or she is involved, that adds another layer of concern if disease is PD or SD.
    God bless.


    There are a few options.
    First, wait to see what the scan shows. Think positive. Tell him to think positive. No bad thoughts! (I know, easier said..,)
    When he gets his results the docs will discuss options with him. If there is shrinkage, the option should be to continue. As long as he feels okay ad is stable, they will probably not change treatment either.
    If the report shows new growth, then there are a few other options. Xeloda or Oxaliplatin are the other two main chemos from what I know. But if the Cisplatin does not show good progress, my guess is that they won’t try oxaliplatin. There are other drug mixes, one Tiff is, or was, on, called GTX. That is gemzar, tarceva, and Xeloda. It worked wonders for her.
    Try not to think badly though. Believe that the Gem/CIS is working!


    My dad is going to have 2 more weeks of chemo then do a CT scan. I have some questions.

    Will they continue chemo regardless of whether the tumor shrinks or doesn’t shrink? If it didn’t shrink will they change chemo or are we just done?

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