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    thank you everyone for the great feedback! as always, I find these boards so filled with support and hope that it has helped immensely in so many ways.


    I took Xeloda for 8 months. I did have to cut the dose back as well as I pretty much got all the possilble side effects. This started 3 1/2 years after surgery but, in combination with other treatments and changes, it contributed to holding my recurrence at bay. I’d do it again.


    I had this treatment too (7 weeks of radiation and Xeloda) after my recurrence because the tumors were not resectable. My only side effects were pretty mild (extreme fatigue and constant heartburn) and it really zapped the tumors. They shrank though they didn’t disappear, and 14 months later they still haven’t grown any. So it worked well for me.


    My husband had radiation treatments along with Xeloda. That was followed by brachytherapy. He actually did not have a resection but they tied off the blood supply to the left half of his liver and it completely dissolved away.I believe this cut off the blood supply to the tumor too which helped the chemo and radiation “kill” it. He is tumor free at present and has had no treatments since Nov. 06. His tumor markers are all normal. I really think that chemo and radiation is a good idea for your brother. It really did not have any bad side effects. Mary


    Candy Z.,
    I agree completely with Carol. I had Xeloda for a while and tolerated it quite well. Plus it was oral med without running back and forth except for blood work. I did have to cut my dosage back If I remember right as it was during the winter and the cold had an effect with me personally. Others have used and tolerated full 4,000mgs.

    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hi, Charlie had liver resection last Nov. and then had 5 weeks of daily radiation and Xeloda 3,000 mg daily ending in 2/08. All the doctors felt it was worth a shot as a sort of preventative after surgery. Unfortunately, at his post surgery 3 month MRI, he has a small tumor in his liver, which will be treated shortly with radio frequency ablation. It seems no one really knows for sure if radiation and Xeloda will help for sure, but it’s worth a try since this cancer is so bad about sneaking back. Also, there are so many variables with every patient being so different, it might really do the trick for some people. Charlie responded very well to both the radiation and the Xeloda – really no bad side effects at all. Best of luck in your decision making. I’m sure it will be the right thing for you.



    Dont know the source, but I did read in the abstract of a Pubmed listed article that post surgery chemo and radiation increased the chance at long term survival. It was published in the last 6-7 months I believe.




    does anyone have experience or input on post-surgical treatment with xeloda used as a way to enhance radiation treatments? side effects? results? is it worth it? your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you!

    candy z

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