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    So happy for all the good news!!! Please enjoy your trip…you both deserve the time to relax, enjoy and think only happy thoughts!! So happy for you!!


    Have a wonderful trip to Oregon! I know you will enjoy every minute (and not be deterred by the snow that seems to have hit the East this year :)! Such great news about the CA19-9 marker!


    Kris….fantastic. Time to let down and watch Duke dancing in his street. Perhaps his lovely wife can send the video to us.


    There is dancing in the streets….not by me since I don’t want to scare our neighbors off but I am sure someone will. His CA 19-9 came back today and it was 16.2 which is the lowest it has been since this started. Talked to Dr. P a bit more and he says that with this protocol he does…..if you complete it and survive it then after two years the survival rate goes up quite a bit. I told him I guessed he killed off those who wouldn’t make it anyway :) It’s a good thing he knows I am joking with him.

    SO we get to go on our Anniversary trip with nothing hanging over us. Taking of Thursday and going to see some friends in SE Oregon and visit with my mom who lives in the same general area. My sister who has been a good support will meet us there too. Looking forward to some us time.



    Loving your news Kris, big time!!!


    There’s dancing in the streets!



    I was so suspicious today that when they accessed his port to draw blood I made them leave it accessed so “Just in case” he needed a CT Scan then he wouldn’t have to have another IV stick. He just rolls his eyes at me but grins and bears. I did have to de-access it when we got home because they didn’t have any heparin to put in it.
    Dr Picozzi just laughs at me.
    We did get some questions asked today which was a first. I usually forget…..and I am such a proponent of writing them.
    Does not see the need for the Shingles immunization right now. Says that once he turns 60 then maybe but no need right now.
    Also he should continue to take his Ursodial for the time being. He says we can revisit that in May if everything is clear.
    And he could have surgery on his shoulders IF he wants….he doesn’t want.

    Thanks everyone.


    Awesome, awesome, awesom. Fantastic news!!!!

    Julie T.


    Wonderful news, Kris! I understand about going doctor said if clear in July, I can go to every year! I gasped. He took it to mean I was unhappy to still have to have a scan. I had to explain that I didn’t know if my nerves could take going a full year without reassurances! It is so hard to “let go.” But I am so glad to hear such good news for you all!


    Oh, Kris, such great news. I know it can be hard to let go of what they have been doing, but Mark’s ONC seems to be very watchful and after all this no choice but to trust him. I loved having Mr. T home with me but then we were not married that long. It IS good news, so enjoy!


    Kris…..Wonderful, wonderful news. Enjoy, dear Kris, so much to be grateful for.



    Saw oncologist today and everything looks good. Only did labs and a chest x-ray, no CT Scan but does not feel the need for it. Tumor marker wasn’t back yet but he just was NOT worried about it at all. So back again in three months for another scan and labs then we can graduate to every 6 months….not sure I am ready for that but we’ll see.

    He did say IF they got the tumor marker back today and it was elevated again then he would schedule us for next month for a scan but he says he really is not worried about.

    He laughed and told Mark that he was one of his stars since he was not only able to complete the whole nasty regime but that he survived it. His nurse said that most people can’t do either the full 6 months of the Gem/Ox or they can’t tolerate 5 weeks of the 5FU with the radiation. He also was very surprised that Mark was well enough to go back to work full time. And I said he had to go back to work because he was bored and costing me a fortune.

    Big relief today. Thanks everyone :)

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