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    Nikki….I applaud you for supporting your Dad. All treatment options come with benefits and drawbacks and patient’s values and preferences are a critical factor in the decision making process.
    I wish for continued success.


    Dad had a great appointment at WF, the professionals there were kind and very informative.

    They have had good success with this drug on blood cancers and lymph nodes and they are very hopeful for it’s success on solid tumors.

    My dad, however, has decided the clinical trial is not the right path, for other reasons. He would have to travel for chemo, blood tests, scans, checkups and more. He doesn’t want to spend his life in the car, he wants to spend it at home, seeing his loved ones.

    Moving on to Xeloda..


    Nikki: here are previous discussions from the year 2011:

    Phase I was conducted on Pancreatic Cancer:

    We know that the drug is safe (at that level), but is undergoing additional studies to further investigate toxicity levels and the effectiveness in biliary cancer patients in the below Phase II study:

    The current clinical trial opened in 2013 and requires 13 patients only.

    You mentioned molecular testing had not been done. Do you know why it has not been investigated?
    Also, dear Nikki, obtaining second opinions from a center with high focus on Cholangiocarcionoma, bile duct cancer or solid tumors may not be possible in your immediate vicinity, treatment however may be conducted nearby.

    I hope this information was of help to you.



    (I’m hoping this post will bump the thread back to the top.)

    My dad has an appointment at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem NC, this week, to see if he qualifies for this exact clinical trial.

    I’ve very hopeful that it works out. His onc has suggested Xeloda for his second line treatment after GemCis didn’t show and tumor shrinkage, but we all agree this trial would be a better fit.

    At this point it is Phase 2, single-agent, open label..

    If anyone else is participating or has any insight, let me know. I will update if he is accepted.


    In response to above – what is a pilot study:



    Very interesting. Thanks for posting!

    A quote from the trial page:

    CPI-613 is a novel anti-cancer agent (Zachar et al. 2011). CPI-613 selectively targets the altered form of mitochondrial energy metabolism in tumor cells, causing changes in mitochondrial enzyme activities and redox status which leads to apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy of tumor cells (Zachar et al. 2011). The activities of CPI-613 involve the catalytic and regulatory functions of the altered form of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDC)

    To me this sounds similar to how DCA is supposed to work. The general idea seems to be the same. I’m not an expect, so I can be wrong.

    We discussed DCA here:


    Hi, interesting, it can cause inflammation,pseudo or not, why? ,I need to do a research on this.
    God bless.

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