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    Hi, all. My understanding of COQ10 is that it does have some anticancer properties, but the extent of those properties has not been definitively assessed or described. The problem with “miracle” cures is that spontaneous remissions and cures are known to occur, and it is difficult to verify when a remission is spontaneous, or is caused/assisted by the taking of supplements in the absence of a broad placebo-based study.

    One thing that is known for sure about COQ10 is that this is depleted by almost every chemo regimen. Supplementation is needed to maintain it at normal levels following administration of chemotherapy. It is controversial as to whether it should be taken during active chemo, but is generally regarded as OK to take during the weeks of between cycles.

    My favorite book about supplements is “Beating Cancer through Nutrition” by Patrick Quillan. He was the head nutritionist at Cancer Treatment Centers for 10 years. The book is like an encylopedia of supplements, vitamins and diets. There are tons of footnotes, so you can verify the claims by reading the original articles cited in mainstream medical journals.

    I love supplements, and take a whole bunch of them, including COQ10, milk thistle extract, alpha lipoic acid, selenium, resveratrol, and rice tocotrienols.

    To each his own, and good luck to all!

    Violarob in Texas


    My nutrition nurse has had me taking CO-Q10 for the last two years (100 mg, twice a day). My tumor hasn’t disappeared, but I’m feeling very well. I have to say I also take about 20 other supplements, including IP-6, so it’s hard to know what actually has the most effect.

    For itching–when I had it really bad, I took a bottle of Intensive Care lotion, dumped out about 1/3 of it, and added in a lot of peppermint essential oil (maybe 20 drops.) This was recommended to me by an aromatherapist and it did help. You need the pure essential oil that’s used for aromatherapy– they have it at health food stores.

    Hope this helps!



    I did try COQ10 but I had to stop as I had problems digesting the pills. I approached it as it couldnt hurt so why not. I told my doctor I would bath in pig fat if it only increased my chances of survival by 1%. So there you go.

    I do believe nutrition plays a big part in cancer. I read on a newsite how are fruits and vegetables are losing their vitamins, as much as 50% from 30 years ago. So even if you are eating loads of them, they dont have the same nutritional value. For that reason alone, I personally would love to take more suppliments, but unfortunately they upset my stomach too much.

    Good luck on Teddy’s surgery.



    Jeff, we are so pulling for you. In fact I think I will go buy a cheerleader uniform!
    Yeah, that could work!!!!!!! NOT! This lady claims the doctor wanted to do chemo and she declined. This COQ10 supposedly eats away at tumors. But, I like you, feel the world would know about it!! I talked with Teddy’s radiation nurse yesterday about his itching from radiation and she suggested over the counter cream with cortizone. It seems to be helping. His energy is returning as well as his appetite. Next is the kidney tube surgery Oct 14th then the PET Scan on the 27th. Know what? I find that the best remedy for the blues and the feeling like I want the world to stop is a sense of humor. It sure helps. Oddly, but true. Which makes me truly odd!


    Hi Lainey, I have heard of it and have seen it. Never tried it as I have never seen any positive imput from anyone who has tried it. You can get it on line or at your health food stores like “Food for Thought”. Or the store can order it for you. Store always seems more expensive as thats where I get my IP-6 with inostol, which I don’t know if it does any good either,but seems to be more hype about it in the pass. I believe walmart sells it as well, in the section with all the other supplements. If she was cured from breast cancer just using COQ-10, It should be a major break through and on the news. But Miracles do happen you know? Have a lovely day! Finished radiation this AM. 4-6 weeks for full effect to be done. Man,this radiation treatment was a bugger! Bone pain, itchy, sunburn feeling and a little nausea and bloating. You would think someone just jumped up and down on my ribs and back. Shall pass I’m sure. Had Lot longer buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzes this time.


    Good Morning Fun Seekers, my daughter’s fiance (who is in remission with lymphoma and goes to the naturalpathic doctor for vitamin C) met a woman the other day in the doc’s office who “had” breast cancer. She swears by COQ10 and that she had no surgery or chemo and the cancer is gone! I looked it up but am leery of it and wondered if any of you had heard of it. It can be bought over the counter at Walgreen’s. Just can’t believe the Medical/Pharmaceutical field would let someone get away with a cure for cancer!!!

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