Cyber Knife Soon!!!

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    Lainy, That is good news & great to hear. I keep saying I wish there was all (or atleast more) good news on this site!!!! Wishing you & Teddy the best & Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


    Lainy….Your excitement is infectious and so well deserved for you, Teddy, and all of us who are witnessing another strike against this cancer. How much better can it be?


    Teddy is scheduled for his fiduciary (sp) gold implants, 4 of them on November 25th. I guess then I can say my husband is worth his weight in gold! We are so very excited as that means the next call I get will be to set the Cyber Knife date. Sorry for all the excitement but its been 8 months in coming! I also asked them if they could give him a tad more twilight sleep on Tuesday so I can have a peaceful day getting ready for Thanksgiving the next day as I have 15 guests coming and thats not counting the turkey!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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