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    Many thanks, Lainy, Marion and Gavin for your responses.

    Great that Teddy had such a positive response to the CyberKnife treatment, Lainy – and I really hope that you get something equally good to fight the new tumours.

    Marion – the two centres I had found offering this treatment in the UK are The London Cancer Centre and The Harley Street Clinic, both private hospitals, so many thanks for your links, Gavin, from which I see also that the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (NHS hospital) is offering this treatment. No doubt though, if it


    Hi Helen,

    I remember seeing a piece on the tv some time ago when the first cyberknife machine came to the UK to a private clinic in Harley Street and they said that treatment from it may be part funded under the NHS if you were refered there from a doctor. However I have not read anything about anyone in the UK being successful in gaining NHS funding for it.

    Just found this though regarding cyberknife treatment on the NHS at London’s Mount Vernon Hospital.



    From the Daily Mail artice, it would now seem that there are 3 centres here in the UK that can do cyberknife.

    Thanks as always for all of your efforts.

    Best wishes,



    Hello, Helen. My husband Teddy had Cyber Knife 2 years ago when he was 75. He had a Whipple 3 years before that and the CC returned where his duodenum used to be. First he had to have radiation as the tumor was 7cm and it must be under 7cm to do the deed. Also there can be no more than a few other tumors in the area. The radiation was 25 treatments, we had to wait 3 months, then the C.K. After 3 C.K. treatments it was zapped. WONDERFUL treatment with hardly any effects. He now has 2 new tumors and we see the ONC Friday to see what path we will follow this time.
    You can catch my posts about C.K. under my name, Lainy or Cyber Knife. I very highly recommend it for anyone who can have it. C.K. is truly a Miracle.


    Helen…you are doing such fantastic work. Which are the centers in the U.K? Why do you believe for Zurich to be the best center for this treatment?


    I would be really grateful for information on the CyberKnife treatment and cc.

    There are now two centres in the UK offering this treatment, as well as several in Europe – the best centre apparently being in Zurich. (At the moment it looks as though UK patients would need to self fund this, as it doesn’t appear to be available through the NHS).

    I have got some details on it, and have put a link on the AMMF site, and I can see from posts on this site that it is used in the USA, but I would really like to hear from anyone who has undergone this treatment for their cc, (or knows someone who has), how they got on with it and what the results were …

    With love and positive thoughts for everyone.



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