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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your kind words and support, as always, it means so much to me.
    Well Dad had his scan today, he did not get any info as to the results of it, but I would assume that the results would be sent to his specialist in Dundee. Hopefully we will get some news next week? I don’t know how long it takes for these scans to be looked at etc.

    I think my Dad was pretty nervous about the whole thing, he never admitted as such to me that he was, but on the drive through to Perth, he did not stop talking, especially about stuff from his past. He’s not usually like this at all, he is not much of a talker. So I got the impression that he was a bit nervous and thinking about stuff etc.

    So now I guess we just have to wait it out and see what happens next. Hopefully the wait will not be too long.

    Thanks to you all.




    Here’s hoping for 2 thumbs up on the scan.



    Hello Gavin….looking forward to hearing from you after the scan results come in. With your Dad being able to catch some sleep and hopefully, your Mom also sounds as if everything is “almost” normal.
    Good luck for tomorrow.


    Hi Gavin, good to see you poke around the corner! Best of luck to your dad on his scan and I know you will keep us posted!


    Hi Everyone,

    Thought I would do a quick update and let you all know what is happening. Well my Dad has his CT scan tomorrow. Originally it was scheduled to be at the end of March which would have been around the 6 month mark since he underwent his PDT treatment. This was due to take place at Ninewells in Dundee where he was treated and where we live, Dundee that is. Now he is to get his scan at the hospital in Perth, which is about 20 miles or so from here.

    They are doing some work on upgrading the scanners at Ninewells in the coming months so it seems as if a space is available for him to be scanned at another hosipital which is perhaps not as busy as Ninewells is. This has all came about a lot quicker than expected, but I am glad that he is getting this scan. I know my parents are anxious about this, as I am, but I really want to know how the treatment has gone and what happens next.

    I am staying strong and being positive and doing everything I can for my Mum and Dad. Dad still has some bad days, but the good days are still outweighing the bad ones. His sleeping is a bit hit and miss sometimes, but his mood overall is good, and he is still eating for Scotland which I take as a good sign!

    I will let you all know how it all turns out.

    The very best to you all.



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