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    The Doctor came to see Dad today, he has started Dad on Oramorph. He has told us to stop the antibiotics now as the liver is hardly functioning and the side effects are worse than a chance of infection would be at this point. We also explained how Dad had been whilst taking Atarax tablets and he did say those could cause a trance like state. It’s Dads jaundice that is doing most of the damage now and the Doctor thinks its better to start the oramorph sooner rather than later, Dad has said he is getting slight back pain when he walks. Dads lungs were still clear so no oxygen was given to help his breathing, the doctor hopes the oramorph helps with this as he thinks Dad is also anxious. The Macmillan Nurses are coming Friday to assess Dad. Mom helped him wash which he hated. He keeps saying “what have i come to i’m such a mess” which is upsetting to hear.

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers



    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I agree that keeping your dad comfortable and pain free is so important right now. My heart goes out to all of you.

    Love & Hugs,


    I’m praying for you, Andie. Your dads symptoms are just like my dads before he went. I hope that he is not in pain.


    Oh Andrea – I am so sorry for what you are now facing and going through. I hope he continues to be completely pain free and comfortable. It sounds like he has loved ones waiting to meet him and help make his journey a peaceful one, and I pray that it will also be peaceful for your and your Mom. They are both lucky to have you by their side. All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family tonight Andrea….

    All my love.


    Andie… husband also did not want hospice to be involved. Similar to your situation I waited until waiting was not possible anymore. I then told him that hospice was there to support us, his entire family, and that seemed to open the door for us. My heart is with you.


    Andie: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. There are no words …..


    Dearest Andie, I am so very sorry to hear about this latest turn of events. I knew your Mom would surprise you with her new strength. We don’t know where it comes from but it just does, believe me I know. I am wishing your dad a peaceful journey and strength to your whole family. Teddy saw many old friends and family while he was passing. He wold hold out his arms like he was greeting them, then hug them and several times he pursed his lips while he was kissing some. Mmmm I would like to know who those were. It was really unbelievable to watch this. I can’t explain it, there are no words. I felt like you, I just Teddy to have his Peace. Know that I am thinking about you and sending prayers to you and your family.


    Andie, you are all in my thoughts and prayers right now, with love and strength to you,and your mum and your dearest dad, michelle


    I’m so sorry for what you are going through now. I am thinking about you and wishing you strength and courage. You and your mum are already doing so well. I hope home hospice are good and help your dad. It’s especially heartbreaking to hear of his pride.
    Thank you for welcoming my dad.



    I am thinking of you and your family right now as you go through this. I so know what you are going through right now as it was not so long ago that I was where you are now with my dad. Have you already made plans for home hospice to come in when asked by you and your mum? They will do what is needed to help make your dad as comfortable as possible and that is the most important thing right now.

    My thoughts are with you.




    Andie – My heart is heavy with sadness for you right now. The last days can be overwhelming. I wish for peace for all of you – Nancy


    Dad has gone downhill so fast it is so hard to believe how different he is from Wednesday. He started to go downhill Thursday and we thought it may be the tablets he’d been put on for itching but it isn’t, Dad is getting ready to go to a better place.

    He is still pain free but is sleeping alot and even going to the toilet is an effort for him. I spent all day yesterday there and his personality was very different and he also had a wild look about him. Last night he told Mom he wasn’t scared anymore but he wanted to just sleep now as he’s had enough. He slept from 8 last night until 10am this morning, on waking he was very breathless and went straight back to bed, this is when Mom called me as she thought he was about to pass away. He had rapid breathing and was so cold, he was also mentioning people who had passed waiting for him. When I got there he was semi conscious and I told him I loved him and Mom would be ok we would look after her, and if he felt like it was time to go then it was ok with us, he then said “I’m not going yet I’m just so tired”. His eyes are completley black and sunken and he weighs only about 7 stone. We stayed with him whilst he slept then after 2 hours went downstairs as Mom wanted me to sort some paper work out that Dad had been fretting about. He then appeared from nowhere and when we said what are you doing downstairs he looked at us as if we were mad and said “it’s not bed time”. He then went and put TV on. He asked for a drink but he is so shaky he spilt some of it which made him really angry. We will be calling in home hospice tomorrow but Dad doesn’t want them to help him wash or even see him in his pjs, he is still so stubborn!

    Mom has shocked me with the strength she has shown today, we both thought his time had come. We know it’s a matter of days now but we felt a sense of calm earlier. I love my Dad more than anything but I am praying he goes soon and in his sleep. Although he isn’t suffering physically he is mentally and it’s heartbreaking and cruel to see.

    Please pray for us

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