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    Dear Andie

    It sounds like you had an beautiful celebration of a beautiful person’s life. To have so many people there from so many aspects of his life is real testament as to what sort of person he was and how many lives he touched. I remember you posting last year wondering how you and your mum would find the strength, but you have and I can only hope that you all find strength in each other now that your dad is at peace.

    Sending you my heartfelt best wishes




    It all sounded such a fitting tribute to a great man. You and your mum are doing so well. I’m sure you will keep on reminding each other to ‘keep smiling’, leaning on each other when you need it. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be, but you’re handling everything with grace and strength.

    Love Kate


    Dear Andie

    I am so glad that everything went off well, I am thinking of you, mom, your husband and your son.

    With love



    Dearest Andie, Your wonderful service reminds me of Teddy’s. I too am so proud of your mother and you know, everyone handles things differently and crying does not mean crashing and perhaps the crashing will never occur. I do believe that your dad was all around all of you starting with the cologne. I must tell you something I did just recently. My Granddaughter called me from College and started crying and said, “I miss Papa so much”. We talked for 1/2 hour and I was telling her old funny stories about him. The next weekend she came to visit and I took a couple of cotton balls, sprayed them with his cologne and put them in a baggie. Now when she feels lonely she can ‘smell’ the wonderful aroma of her Papa. She loved that. You have a wonderful family and I know you will all keep those memories afloat by telling stories over and over.
    You have done absolutely great and I am pretty sure you wil continue to do so as that is how dad would want it.


    Dear Andie –

    Memorial celebrations are wonderful expressions of our love for our families. I am so glad that your celebration was all you hoped for. I have such wonderful memories of my husbands’ service on 2/12/11. Blessings to you and your family as you adjust to your dad’s physical presence being absent, but his memories and he will stay alive in your heart.



    Andie, so glad the sun was out and you felt your dad’s presence. What an honor for your dad’s workplace to give him that send off. I’m so happy the day went well. Take care of each other in the days to come. Love, Pam


    Andie – Sounds like a very appropriate send-off for a very loving Dad. You are probably right about your Mom. It may be days or weeks, but she will probably crash. And you might too. But you all take turns leaning on each other and keeping the beautiful memories alive. Hugs – Nancy


    Andie, Sounds like you had a beautiful tribute to your wonderful Dad. Your young son touched my heart. Children know more than we give them credit for. Sounds like you have a great family and good friends to help hold you all together. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you get through this difficult time. Your Dad is with you forever, he will never be far. Love Nancy


    It was Dads funeral today, though we like to call it the celebration of his life. Even though I had wondered how we would get through the day, we did, and we did Dad proud.

    The church was full, it was standing room only, and everyone commented on how it was the best service they had been to, it was full of touching moments, precious memories and laughter. Dads old workplace even shut the factory for the day in his honour.

    Getting ready this morning I could smell Dads aftershave, and on the way to the service the sun came out from behind the clouds. We like to think it was Dad smiling down on us.

    My son was at school during the funeral but tonight me, Mom, my husband and son went back to the crematorium and took a rose each out of the flowers to press and keep. My son asked to be left alone for a while to speak to Grandad.

    My Mom has been wonderful and amazing through it all and when needed has found the strength. I do worry she may come crashing down with a bang, but with mine and our family and friends support we will all be there to help her.

    Love to all xxx

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