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    Kathy, just a thought. If you are near The Cleveland Clinic why don’t you pursue another opinion about surgery. You may find another surgeon there (not an oncologist) who feels he can do the surgery successfully. I just found this to be the case in with my friend in Los Angeles. One oncologist said “inoperable,” and a leading surgeon has said just the opposite. Frequently doctors will disagree, and since surgery is the key to survival, it would be worth a second opinion if you ask me. The surgeon Dr. John Fung at The Cleveland Clinic has extensive exprience according to this site. Perhaps consider calling him…and I pray for your father’s recovery.


    Yes Willow. I think you have to redirect frequently. It gets so frustrating, but I feel lucky that after 2 years he is still going strong. As we say. ONE DAY AT A TIME!


    Yes, I do understand. Especially the part about constantly trying to stay positive even when things are really rough, scary or disappointing . I do it (redirect my attitude ) on a daily basis.


    Have not been here in a while.Just touching base on my dad’s progress. H
    e is back on the gemcitabine every other week.He had a break and the cancer grew some.He had another 3 cycles of treatment.Another PET scan and it showed a decrease in the activity in his larger tumor, but 2 small new spots found nearby.Not sure how to feel about that.Gain some and lose some I guess. He is a survivor for 2 years last month.He is doing well except when the chemo tires him out. He is such a fighter and still plans on trying to beat this. I think his attitude has helped his survival.I worry about his spirit though because with each PET scan he gets more discouraged.This takes such a toll on us all emotionally and we need to try and redirect ourselves so that we can focus on the positive. I know you all understand what I mean.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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