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    Hello Rebecca

    I have just read your August post and I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel as my mum too is no longer here, only five days before your Mum.

    Having read your posts along the way take comfort from the knowledge that you were there for your Mum and were her advocate along the way. You were loving and caring and your mum is proud of you, her Daisy.

    Love Jan


    Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you Daisy at this difficult time. I too lost my mum very quickly last October and it does leave you completely shell-shocked afterwards. It’s a slow process picking up the pieces so take care of yourself.

    Nancy x


    Dear Rebecca,
    I am so sorry to hear this and my thoughts are with you, and my wishes that you have the strength to make it through all of this. The pain does not go away, but it does dull, and eventually all the good memories will come back and you will smile when you think of her always. Take care


    You provided her amazing care and in that I’m sure she had peace.
    I’m so sorry for your loss
    For it all to happen so quickly is very sad and there isn’t much time to process it all.

    I will pray for you and your family.
    Thank you for sharing your story.



    Rebecca……your Mom’s beauty is reflected in her daughter. You have handled this enormously difficult situation with grace, dignity, strength, perseverance and devotion. You gave back to your Mom the ultimate give of love.

    My heart is with you in this difficult time.

    Hugs and love


    Daisy, I am so sorry for your loss. From diagnosis to her passing occurred so quickly that I’m sure it’s hard to process all that has happened. I hope you can draw comfort in the wonderful, loving care you gave to your mom. Over time, the pain and sadness of losing your mom will slowly lesson, and be replaced with the happy memories you shared. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself. I hope you will continue to turn to this board for comfort.



    My dear Mum went for her forever sleep this afternoon. Daisy was the name she always called me because I reminded her of a flower. Formal diagnosis and admittance to hospital on June 17, passed just 7 weeks later.

    Thank you to the beautiful souls who give their time here, because of you I was able to best care for mum and advocate with knowledge. I know it enabled me to have the best care for my dear Mum.

    God bless each and everyone of you.


    Hello Daisy

    I too am a fellow Aussie and have followed your story so similar to mine. I am so sorry to read today’s post and scared as my path is so similar to yours. I am in England with my mum and hope to be there for her as you are for your Mum. My prayers are with you and your family.


    Dear Daisy,

    Sorry to hear this. Thinking of you and mum.



    Daisy……my heart is with you and your dear Mom.
    Hugs and love,


    Dear Daisy, I am so very sorry to read your latest post about your dear sweet Mum. You both have fought a very hard battle, one of the hardest and now she is preparing to become another of G-d’s little Angels. Please know that when the time arrives she will still always be around you as I don’t believe any Mum’s really ever leave their children. Sending prayers and love your way!


    Dear Daisy.

    I am very sorry to read your post this morning. Even is you don’t have questions, please know we are still here for you.

    Lots of hugs being sent around the world-



    One month ago I joined here as Mum was being admitted to hospital. She took a turn for the worse last night and is now unconcious and heavily medicated. One month from diagnosis to this. Thank you to everyone who replied to my questions, I don’t think I will be asking any more :(


    Hello Again Daisy,

    I can feel the frustration in your latest post about being in the dark about your mum’s condition. You need to make a long list of questions to ask and keep asking them until you get some answers. I know it must be hard for you trying to get that information. You mentioned that your mum doesn’t handle things well. Why don’t you bite the bullet and ask a few questions in front of her to the Oncology team?. People can be a lot stronger than you think. I didn’t realise my husband’s emotional strength, until he was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease and now on top of that CC!. If you still are worried about discussing things in front of your mum, tell your Onc or someone in the team that you would really like to ask them a few questions in private. I’m sure they will be more than willing to have a chat to you when they have some spare time- out of earshot of your mum.
    There is info out there on this sight and the internet but every individual is different and you need to see how the disease is affecting your mum through talking to her doctors.
    Strength to you!


    Hello Lynn, rotten way to meet someone but hello anyway!

    This whole saga has me so confused. Two weeks ago I thought mum was dying and after being in hospital, she looks really well. I know this is just her exterior but she’s resolved the constipation, has no nausea or vomiting and her pain is being managed most of the time. She looks healthy yet they tell me she must stay in hospital and that patients usually go downhill fast. At the moment she’s going uphill so I am so torn emotionally.
    They told me they did a brain scan and whilst it wasn’t in her brain, they did see spots on her skull. Does this mean it’s in her bones or just her skull? Does this mean her prognosis is even worse? I have so many questions and want brutal honesty which I can’t get from her medical team as I can’t ask in front of mum. Is there anywhere in here I can search for answers?

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