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    Oh, LeeAnn I hear that. I haven’t done anything “alternative” yet (except accupuncture) because I was receiving either radiation and or chemo after the resection. My oncologist advised against doing anything super high in antioxidants while undergoing treatment, so I listened. If I was not receiving treatment, however, I would probably be drinking gallons of green tea to wash done the infinite amount of supplements I’ve read about. It’s SOOOO hard. One source you read will say something is great for cancer and then you read something else that says it is harmful. My rule of thumb is to talk to your oncologist and get their opinion.
    I used to drink ginger tea because it is known to help with nausea, but sources also say it increases bile production.

    Best wishes,


    Thanks Eli for your info.
    I guess I need to do more research before trying what everyone’s telling me what’s good for me.
    Out of desperation sometimes we do try anything :( don’t we? ……


    University of Maryland article has a warning about possible interaction with antacids.

    Antacids — Dandelion may increase the amount of stomach acid, so antacids may not work as well.

    This warning might be relevant to the Whipple patients. If you are a patient post-Whipple, increased stomach acidity is likely undesirable. Talk to your surgeon before adding dandelion to your diet.

    The reason I mention this:

    My wife had a Whipple in 07/2011. She takes Pantoloc (Pantoprazole) every morning to *reduce* stomach acidity. The surgeon prescribed it to protect the new surgical connection between the small intestine and the stomach. My understanding is she will be taking this medication for the rest of her life.

    Sloan-Kettering article mentions another contraindication relevant to CC patients.

    Patients with obstruction of the bile duct or gall bladder should not take dandelion.

    The reason for this warning: dandelion raises the production of bile in the liver.


    LeeAnn….I agree. Eating healty should be everyone’s goal. Go with it.
    Hugs and love,



    the choice is personal;the end point is the same ; the quality of life without chemotherapy should be better for those who choose the alternative way,
    good luck and
    God bless.


    Since I’m not taking chemo for prevention, I’ve decided to start eating healthy food and more work out.

    A friend told me that dandelion has many nutrients and we could benefit from eating it.
    I found it at local grocery store and I add it to my salad.

    University of Maryland Medical has an article on dandeline.

    I also stated drinking more green teas and eating lots of berries too.


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