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    Dear Kevin, my deepest sympathy. I’m sorry you’ve had to suffer this ordeal. Like others, I too have a similar story in that my husband was only two months from first visit to doctor to death.

    It truly is as though your loved one has died suddenly in a tragic and horrific accident. It is haunting. My husband died 13.5 months ago and I still relive many of his toughest moments. It is getting better but it’s slow going.

    His courage and bravery in the face of this disease will always be with me too. As Lainy said, it does get better, but it’s hard to believe that now.

    Thank goodness advances are being made.

    I’m so sorry. Condolences to you and your family.


    Dear Kevin,

    My heart breaks for what you and your family had to endure. I agree, this is a horrid disease, but the support of people on this board is amazing.

    I don’t often visit since mum passed as it breaks my heart to see new postings. Although what helps me is all of the posts under the good news section. I hope we find a cure to this deadly disease.

    My sincerest condolences



    Dear Kevin,

    My deepest sympathy for the loss of your dad. I have not had the experience of losing someone to this disease….just the experience of fighting it. Many a night I have laid awake wondering how my end would come or look to my loved ones….I am sorry for the pain and anguish you witnessed. I only pray that you find some comfort in peace in knowing your father is no longer in pain.

    Your post makes me want to fight harder to win this battle, to keep hoping for more treatments and quicker diagnosis. I want to live to see the day that children will not have to witness their parents die to this and especially for the parents to not have to witness their children die from this disease. Prayers for you and your family…..
    Melinda Bachini


    Dear Kevin,

    I am so very sorry to hear about your dad’s passing, please accept my deepest condolences. I too lost my dad to this cancer back in 2009 and I so know what you are going through right now and the pain that you feel as well. I am very glad that you have joined us here although of course I wish that you never had the need to come here. Here you are around people who know how you feel and what you are going through. Please keep coming back here and we will help as best as we can. We are here for you and my thoughts are with you and your family right now.

    My best to you,



    Dear Kevin,

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My husband presented to the hospital ER with stomach & back pains and jaundice, on March 10th of this year and passed away 16 days later. My family & I can truly appreciate your feeling of shock. From the day of his diagnosis, we were told he was Stage IV, and there was no time to fight. I think I know now how it feels to have a tornado touch down, take a loved one and toss your life into a million pieces.

    I agree with you, thank God for the CC Foundation, and all they are doing in research; and for the amazing support and knowledge from all on this site. Please keep in touch with us! This site is truly a refuge, in a huge storm.

    God’s Peace to you and your family!



    Dear Kevin, I also am extremely sorry to read about your Dad. Please accept my sincere condolences and know that in time a ton of good memories will replace the bad ones.

    Those we love must someday pass beyond our present sight…
    They leave us and the world we know without their radiant light.
    But we know that like a candle their lovely light will shine
    To brighten up another place more perfect…more divine.
    And in the realm of Heaven where they shine so warm and bright,
    Our loved ones live forevermore in God’s eternal light.


    Dear Kevin,

    I am so sorry to read what your father, you and your family have gone through. You have my deepest sympathy and understanding. My husband died of this disease 6 years ago, much in the same way as your father., so I truly understand what you are feeling. I am glad you reached out to Marion as you couldn’t have found a better person for help and support. She is an amazing lady.

    My heart goes out to you and your family as you go through this sad and trying time.



    I write this whilst preparing for my fathers funeral tomorrow. Please don’t continue to read unless you are ready to read details of this disgusting disease cholongiocarcinoma.
    He died on Wednesday night (13th) at home in pain fighting for breath. It has been such a horrible 90 days from mild stomach pains/ yellow skin tinge to death in the most undignified heartbreaking way in the blink of an eye. I really can’t come to terms with how quickly he deteriorated.
    My dad was 6ft 2″ with a heavy build 4 months ago before we discovered this silent killer was growing inside him. He was laid in the chapel of rest this afternoon a withered shell of his former greatness. My poor dad.
    After being admitted to local hospital my dad was transferred to a Centre of excellence where the family were told we were dealing with something pretty nasty. We had absolutely no idea how nasty!! He went on to have 2 stents fitted which reduced the jaundice but ruined the remainder of his life. He never ate solid food again and picked up 3 life threatening infections the week he was released. He was then re admitted into hospital for IV antibiotics where he spent the next 6 weeks. At the end of week 6 the consultant team came in to tell us that there was no longer any point in treating my dad.
    My dad was released home with a hospital bed and a portable toilet and died 48 hrs later. He couldn’t even get out of his bed to use the toilet alone.
    He was fighting for breath and begging for help during the final hours before his death. I will struggle to ever get this out of my mind.
    Following the death of my dad the family are utterly numb, trying to attend to the formalities, but can’t accept how little treatment is available for this disease. Once symptoms present. Thank The Lord for the people who create websites such as this trying to make a difference and support sufferers and their families through utter hell. I contacted Marion the night my dad was diagnosed, she offered me the most amazing support when I didn’t know where to turn. Thanks Marion for your compassion as well as your optimism.

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