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    I saw Noreen Fraser on the Huckabee show tonight talking about a CDK inhibitor that has shrunk her tumor. She said it has not had any side effects! It isn’t chemo. Her story is pretty exciting. noreenfraserfoundation.org


    Patty, maybe you should talk to your onc about some of the “new” drugs. If you are otherwise healthy and acceptable treatments are not working, you might be a candidate for one of the trials of either immunotherapy or inhibitor drugs. The side effects are usually minimal, especially compared to chemo.
    It might be worth looking into.
    Hopefully the new chemo shrank the tumor, but with the side effects already in evidence, I’m not sure how many treatments you could get.
    Let us know what the MRI results show!


    Patty….up on the roller coaster or “wave” as you like to refer to. Good news; ths is a welcome break.


    Dear Patti very good report and when you feel tired just do the dog paddle for a while. Looking forward to a good report on the MRI as well. You are terrific!


    Good update, Patty!


    Good news! My CT scan came back normal. No blood clotting or anything on my lungs. Still coughing though!! Might be acid reflux cough. I won’t be back on chemo for a couple weeks. My oncologist wants to do an MRI to see if the oxaliplatin/xeloda has worked on the tumor. I am happy to get a chemo break. These 2 rounds have been pretty bad. I had terrible nausea & the rash all over my legs & arms plus the burning & throbbing on the bottoms of my feet. And fatigue that isn’t relieved by taking a nap. So I will still keep swimming!


    Patty….beautiful. Your poem has a special place in my heart. Keep swimming, dear Patty.


    Thank you Pattimelt, that was lovely.


    Dear Pattimelt, that is a beautiful poem, I thought it sounded very peaceful Thank you.


    I will be seeing my oncologist tomorrow to discuss whether or not to change from oxaliplatin/xeloda to Folfox/xeloda. I have so many questions & hope she can hear me & advise me of which way to go. I had a ct scan today of my chest for a cough I have been having & hope to get those results tomorrow too. I wrote a poem last week & posted it on another post but will include it here too. It was inspired by my friend who always tells me to JKS!! Bless you all!


    Jesus is my floatation device
    When I face the deep blue sea
    It looks so deep, dark & wide
    He says, ‘just keep swimming’ with Me.

    When I’m on the sea with my floaties on
    I am safe and secure in His arms
    I could float on the sea forever
    I can ‘just keep swimming’ with no alarms.

    Sometimes I think I can take them off
    I will try to make it on my own
    All of a sudden I feel like I’m sinking
    I can’t ‘just keep swimming’ alone.

    It seems like I would know by now
    How easy it would be to go down
    Just because of my stubborn pride
    I want to ‘just keep swimming’ around.

    The good news is I can just reach out
    And put them right back on
    They are always right by my side
    I can ‘just keep swimming’ til dawn.

    You may ask why I need this ‘crutch’
    Why do I have this shortcoming?
    Didn’t Dorie stay with Nemo?
    Telling him to ‘just keep swimming‘

    There will be storms ahead
    The waves will carry me
    But if I keep my floaties on
    I can ‘just keep swimming’ with glee!

    So I will keep my floaties on
    My Jesus will swim with me
    He gives me peace in the deep
    I will ‘just keep swimming’ on this sea.

    Pat Morse

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