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    Your post was so heart felt.

    Lainy might be my sweet Lainy, but you are my wise one. Such wisdom and humanity.

    Thank You


    Dear Lou,

    Thinking of you and your mom as you go through this difficult time. We are all in this with you to help & support you in any way that we can.

    Love & Hugs,


    Lou….please know that many people from all over the world have read your posting and are with you in this difficult time.
    I had read once that it takes only a few seconds to say goodbye to someone we love, but it will take the rest of our life to forget them, because their memories live on forever in our heart.

    My heart is with you,


    Dear Julia

    Thanks so much for your response as it truly means a lot. God Bless you.

    My sweet Lainy

    I have not seen much of you around. I knew that you would respond. Mum’s journey has been hard, so I gave her permission long ago.

    She will often open her eyes and look at us all and smile. This is the memory I will keep in my heart forever.

    God Bless


    Dear Lou I am so very sorry about your Mum. She has really fought this battle like a true warrior from the onset. If in fact the Doctors and you feel the end of the Journey is near I have one suggestion which actually should help you and your Mum. Try to release her by giving her permission to go to her Peace and it will help you to feel it is okay and she needs you to say it is okay. Remember that the hearing is the last thing to go so even if she is sleeping tell her you love her and now and then gently touch her arms. You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have! We are all with you in spirit and sending you much love. Honestly your strength will be there.


    Dear Lou, I’m so sorry. I understand the pain of being cut off like that, too. We were told to “get the family together and bring forward Christmas, she’ll be gone by the end of the week” in the October of 2011. Sue lived (not just “survived”, she really LIVED) another 6 full months.

    My heart is with you and your family.
    Julia xx


    Hi all,

    Sorry i have not replied to any posts for many months, especially to all the newcomers.

    Mum is rapidly declining and near the end.

    I spoke to the oncologist this morning as he was doing his rounds and advised me that mum had no more than a few days to go. He cut me off quickly then walked away. What has happened to compassion and understanding.

    I am really scared and don’t know how and where to find the strength to get me through.


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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