Does anyone dare answer this question. Honestly? Sensitive Question.

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    You are asking the same questions I have wanted to know, but didn’t have the spunk like you do :)

    So a couple of people said there surgeries were aborted, was this when they got in or before the procedure even started.

    Just a refresher is my husband is scheduled Aug 20th, just trying to know what to expect could possibly happen.

    One thing that Dr. Javle told us is he has had patients live for a long time with this cancer. When I ask Dr. Vautheys PA about prognosis he said there isn’t enough data to answer my questions. Which mine was concering after the surgery. It so frustrating but I will never give up with my hubby surgery or not we are going to kick some cc butt!!!



    I was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage 4 ICC with mets to the lungs and ovaries. i will never be able to have surgery because of the location of the tumor. I was on gem/cis, radiation and xeloda and am currently on gemzar and xeloda. Chemo has kept the cancer in my liver and lungs stable. The lungs have never been an issue and have remained unchanged for these 2 years. The ovaries were not responding to chemo so I had a complete hysterectomy in February and everything has remained stable since then.

    No two ways about it, chemo sucks, and the fatigue can be bad, but I still work part time and live a normal life. Like Kris, I’m not sick, I just have cancer! My doctor says to think of it as a chronic disease and not terminal cancer. Of course that is easier said than done but I try to have that attitude.

    So be positive and I hope your husband does great on chemo.


    Hi thebombpie4,

    I love your honesty. You have asked what I was desperate to when my sister was diagnosed but didn’t have the nerve. I only found this site several weeks after her diagnosis and one week before her (aborted) resection.



    that is GREAT to hear!!!!

    so did you have the option of resection and/or surgery?

    that’s seems to be a huge deciding factor.

    and has it “left the house” aka liver?

    just curious how well people do once it has left the liver.
    (as one of the factors)


    While I am not cured, I have been living with this for 2 1/2 years. I have almost never been sick. The only complications I have had are from chemo and/or procedures we tried.
    I have been through different chemos, radiation… No chance of surgery. There was a brief time I had a resection scheduled, but the chance got taken away.
    BUT I am living with this. I am in a Phase I clinical trial using an inhibitor drug. After 3 cycles, the disease is still stable. No new growth. And no major side effects.
    So, while I am not cured, I am not sick, either. And that’s after 2 1/2 years. Stage IV since diagnosis.


    Yes Pam that does help a lot! Thank you for sharing…i hope it’s not too
    painful to talk about being so fresh. :(



    Hi Dorien,

    I think all doctors have their own way of thinking. Why can some have transplants? Lauren’s doctor said she could never have a transplant. We were told at first that she could never have surgery too. She had one large tumor on one side and a few small ones on the other. They never could tell if she had lymph node involvement for sure. She had a few suspicious ones that were swollen. She had the gamut of chemo which helped her large tumor shrink a lot and Theraspheres, which they didn’t think worked. We later found out that it or chemo had worked on the smaller tumors because they were both dead. Her large tumor had shrunk a bunch and was mostly dead as well. Her surgeon was always hopeful and came to us one day and told us if we wanted to try surgery, now was the window of opportunity. He tried a surgery that had been done in South America and had been successful where they cut the liver in half, left both sides in, which was supposed to make the good side grow faster. She was to have the second surgery 10 days later, but the good side hadn’t grown enough, so he waited for 6 weeks. The surgery went ok, but different things beyond their control happened. (Blood clot and bleeding out.) Her liver was also pretty messed up from almost two years of chemo. He had been to a conference a while before the surgery and talked to some other big name surgeons and the room was pretty much split on if they would do the surgery or not. We knew it might not work, but we were all so hopeful and optimistic because Lauren was very strong and came out of everything else that was thrown at her like a champ. He said he would have never done it on someone older or weaker, but thought Lauren would come through ok. I sometimes wonder if she wouldn’t have had the surgery, would she be ok, but we will never know because she wanted the surgery so badly so she had a shot at a normal life again. Like I said, different surgeons think differently about things. Some are more conservative and some will take a chance. I hope I have answered your question ok.



    Hey, Dorian, I’m out door but just wanted to say….this is an OPEN Board and that means what ever is on your mind is ok with us! Well, no dirty jokes though. Darn. Later Gator



    I’m also curious as to how she got surgery–both drs we talked to said
    that once it’s left the liver, surgery is not ever an option.

    Was your dr willing to take a risk? (sorry I’m late to your whole “front
    story”…I’ve mostly been around for the very sad ending. :( )

    we keep asking about this and they all keep saying kyle will never be
    a candidate for surgery because the cancer has left the liver.

    so i’m confused why some docs do this and some don’t?

    that’s just a curiosity question mostly. Thanks~


    Thanks Lainy! Got it and responded.

    Thanks Pam for your kind words

    … I probably shouldn’t even have asked this.

    I just wanted to know if it had ever been done.


    Hi Dorien,

    To answer your question, I don’t know. Anything is possible. I probably wouldn’t say anyone has been completely cured, but with surgery or chemo things can be manageable. I didn’t know what stage Lauren was because she didn’t want to know. She had large tumors in her liver and some in her lymph nodes, so probably stage 4. As you know, she passed away but it wasn’t from the cancer directly. It was from the complications of surgery. But, I will tell you this. I never gave up hope that she would beat cancer until her last breath. She would have thought the same had she been conscious after surgery. Enjoy your time together now. (It seems as though you are.) Keep a positive attitude (easier said than done). Pray a lot and be ready for anything. It is such a crappy hand people with cc are dealt. Some live less time than expected and some do great and live longer. Family was everything to me before all this, but now it means so much more to me than I could ever imagine. I hope you get a good answer. Bless you, your husband and children.



    Hi Dorien, I just emailed you, not sure how helpful but we can work through this. I took your dare and it’s a good place to start. I do admire your spirit and fight! I’d like you in my corner anytime!


    Has ANYONE with Stage 4 CC EVER been cured?

    I’m just curious. I don’t want a fluffy answer. I don’t want
    a “we all have a diff. expiration date” answer…i KNOW all of those
    things. I just want the truth about this disease.

    Has ANYONE with Stage 4 EVER BEEN CURED?

    (For those that don’t know my husband has Stage 4– he is diagnosed
    as “terminal” by both drs)

    Now who knows how long “terminal” means?
    months? a year? a few years?

    We will fight for as long as we can (so please don’t think we’re giving up-
    we are NOT!)

    I just see no way that anyone with Stage 4 CC could ever be cured once it has left the liver… it’s in the blood at this point and no matter how “dormant” Dr’s could get the disease, it seems to never be gone.

    Give it to me straight…has ANYONE with Stage 4 ever lived?
    and beat this. beat it gone?

    ***And if this is a bad question mods–please erase. ****

    FWIW, he’s doing GREAT right now.
    GREAT response to chemo, etc.

    But it seems from all my study and drs and research that the possibility
    of beating this at Stage 4 is a pipe dream.

    Anyone dare answer? I promise my reality and feelings are NOT
    an issue with honesty. I promise.

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