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    Teeth problems mostly arise due to lack of dental care. We should be particular about brushing teeth and use of fluoride gels and pastes. Dental tips and whitening suggestions given by dentist Torrance I visited for scaling were amazing. Got two sittings and all bad sensations vanished in three days. Referred the same place to my friend also.


    Pam-I had two molars break last year, I was warned though about radiation and chemo effecting your teeth. I believe anything odd going on with me is a direct result of cancer treatments!!! Cancer has to be good for something so it must be ” that is an excuse for all that is wrong”!! LOL!
    Lots of prayers for Lauren and her wonderful family -Cathy


    I have strong teeth, also, but I have had my share of cavities. I had a molar break in half while eating popcorn at the movies a few years ago. I went to the dentist and got fitted for a crown. The next week I had ANOTHER molar break in half while eating popcorn at the movies. So I had ANOTHER crown! What are the odds? It was a really expensive couple of movies. Now I eat much more carefully and make sure I don’t eat anything really hard or overly chewy.
    As for the chemo, If Lauren was or is on Xeloda, they told me it might cause teeth problems along with the mouth sores. So that might be a factor?
    And I also agree with LeeAnn: I find myself gritting my teeth a lot this past year.


    Hi Pam,
    I don’t think chemo casued it. My guess is that she had fixture on her molar due to bruxism. Especially when you are under a lot of stress we tend to clenching more. You might want to ask for a night guard when Lauren sees her dentist. Since it’s kind of expensive and some people have hard time getting used to wearing it, she can try inexpensive ones from walgreen or sporting good store.


    I just was wondering if anyone has had problems with their teeth since being on chemo. I don’t know if chemo is to blame for this or not. Lauren broke a tiny corner off a molar around Christmas. We asked her oncologist if she could have it fixed. He said it would be ok. Well, it wasn’t bothering her, wasn’t exposing any inside of the tooth or anything so we didn’t make it a priority. Just last week, she was eating a gummy bear or something and half her tooth cracked off. There was a big hole. I freaked out and said she needed to see a dentist quickly because I was afraid of infection. She saw her dentist Monday. He cleaned it all out. It wasn’t causing her any pain. He put some stuff in it to kill the nerve. She will have a root canal this coming Monday. It really wasn’t a big deal, but I just wondered if anyone else has had problems since chemo. She has really strong teeth and barely any cavities before this.


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