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    With my husband Tom when he experiences the chills and when he is running a temp, our instructions are to present to the ER right away as that is generally a sign of an infection. The last time he had a tube exchange (he has an external drain for bile, internal stent not possible) he started getting chills and a fever and he ended up in the hospital for 4 days with a severe infection. He was so weak that he could not even walk….It’s a good thing that you took him in! Never wait because an infection can be fatal.

    Go with God and KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer

    Margaret (My husband and cholangiocarcinoma)


    Hi Dianne,

    Glad to hear that your dad is back home and I hope he is feeling a bit better now. And I hope all goes well with his visit to the onc tomorrow.

    Best wishes,



    Dianne….we forget that there are other illnesses around too. Glad to hear that everything worked out.


    Glad that is worked out and good luck at the oncs tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.



    All is well that ends well…..


    Better safe than sorry right? All our best from Marc and I, Dianne!


    Well, we’re home! Only 24hrs later.

    Dad had an over night stay in the hospital. The on-call GI said he wanted to keep him in over night to keep an eye on him, and do a ERCP in the morning, just to see if there is something else going on.

    I’m back at the hospital by 7am, they get Dad ready and send him down to the Endoscopy area… doesn’t if figure, our regular GI shows up and tells the on call GI the ERCP is not necessary, his levels are fine, but to do just an ultra sound.

    The ultra sound comes back fine… so the conclusion, is that he must have picked up some kind of stomach flu that has been going around.

    You don’t even have to say it… I will be checking Dad’s temp and watching him closely!

    We have an 8:30am appointment with the oncologist tomorrow morning, about a chemo plan. I hope things go good.

    My thanks to everyone,



    I hope your dad’s on the mend today, Dianne. I was told to monitor my sister’s temperature if she registers 37.5 degrees & to get her to A&E if she hits 38.

    My experience certainly is that the colder she feels to my touch, the higher her core temperature is going. The other day she was 38.2 but her skin felt quite cool whereas a short while later her skin was burning to the touch & she was dripping with sweat but her temperature had dropped to 37.

    I find these episodes very distressing. I hope you’ve managed to catch up on your sleep.

    My best wishes to you & your Dad.



    Dianne….Possibly your Dad is fighting off a bug. Good to know that he is responding to the antibiotics. Hopefully, his temperature will return to normal by tomorrow. You must really need some rest. Hang in there.
    Thinking of you and sending all my best wishes,


    It’s 11:54PM and I just got in from the Hospital after being there for 8hrs. Dad still has a bit of a fever 38.2 C or 100.76F. They’ve run blood tests and urine tests, things look normal. But now he’s got a bit of diarrhea.

    They have him hooked up to antibiotics and will be doing an investigative ERCP to see how things are looking with the metal stent.


    Nothing random about giving him antibiotics. We have a supply in case he has a fever due to past experience. Sometimes it’s taken a few days before an opening for an ERCP can be done, even if it’s urgent.

    I’ll be heading back in a few hours, so I’m going to bed now to get some sleep.

    Thanks for all your help everyone,



    Dianne, please contact your Dad’s doctor rather than “popping” in antibotics in at random. I’ve had four infections since December, and they’ve been taken very seriously. I spent five days in hospital on IV antibiotics for the first one, and for the next two I was taking Flagyl and Cipro four times a day.

    The source of the infection is not necessarily the stent. In fact, despite doing CT scans on each occasion, they haven’t really pinpointed the source of mine, and I have an appointment with an infectious disease specialist next week to see if he can get to the bottom of it. Also, my medical oncologist has decided that the risk of sepsis is too great to continue with chemotherapy.

    I hope your Dad’s doctor can get to the bottom of this. My infections made me feel absolutely wretched, and each time it seems to take longer to claw myself back.

    Good luck.


    Dianne…..I believe that a temparature of 102. is too high to be dealing with. I would take your Dad to be seen immediately. Can you contact the physician?


    I get the chills all of the time and I’m supposed to be cancer-free (my docs keep checking and checking for a recurrence). The only time I get the rigors or really violent shaking is when I’m running a temp. and an infection is coming on. In my case, if my temp. rises, even to 99 degrees, I’m on the phone to my doctors. I echo what everyone else is saying about putting a call in to your doctor.

    Hope your Dad is feeling better soon.



    Well, I had to have Teddy run in to ER by Ambulance about 3 weeks ago. He had terrible chills and a fever of 103. The ONC had said whenever this happens go immediately to ER. Turned out it was a blood infection which he has had before. They put him on Leviquin (sp). He got so weak so fast, I couldn’t manuever him to the car so called for help. Hope you dad’s temp comes down fast. And yes its like an unwritten rule that they get sick just before they are to see the docs!! Timing is everything. yes?


    At 5pm Dad’s temp was 102! I’ve popped an antibiotic in him, and will get another one in him in the morning. Dad said his urine and stool are the proper colours, but I’ll call our GP first thing and see what he says, if he gets worse then off to the ER.

    Damn! He’s seeing the oncologist this Thursday to talk about starting chemotherapy. I’ll bet they wont want to do chemo while he has an infection. Does anyone have any insight on this.

    He’s lost his appetite again too. Augh! Up and down, up and down!

    Thanks everyone,


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