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    Brilliant news Kris, so happy for you both!! Tough time to say the least for your family but I so like how 2014 is shaping up for you all! Congrats on the good news and time to enjoy life me thinks!




    I am over the moon for you guys Kris. Congrats on all the wonderful news.



    Such good news. So happy for all of you.



    Kris….I am in tears, I’m so happy for you and Mark and your son. This has been a WONDERFUL day all around. Hugs, hugs, hugs! And tell Mark, we’re all willing him to eat. :)))))

    Julie T.


    Kris……what a whirlwind this has been for you and your family. Time to relax and to put life in order again. Thanks for sharing this wonderful update.


    YIPPEE for the whole family!!! Such good news, if I could do a cartwheel I surely would. BUT we still need you here and that will take up some of your free time!


    It’s official, we are done with treatment unless the monster comes back. Clear scans both chest and abdomen and the labs were great. Ca-19-9 was the lowest it has been since this started. Dr Picozzi is very, very pleased with how it has gone. He says that for this particular protocol IF there is going to be recurrence of disease then it usually happens in the first two years….and we are one year in already. So every three months for a while then further out once it looks like it’s gone. I am so happy but there’s part of me that has been so stressed for so long I wonder how I will function without all that stress.
    I did start Mark on antibiotics last week because he started running a temp…up to 101.7 and it looks like on the chest x-ray I was right….he had pneumonia but I caught it in time. Now I keep chanting…eat, eat, eat. I told him he could quit taking the Megace if he gained some weight (he hates that taste ) but so far not.

    Also on a side note our son TJ is also a year out and there does not appear any return with his either….we don’t really expect any. He is going to the surgeon next week to see about the one side of his vocal chords that remains paralyzed. They doc talked about injecting silicone but I am on the fence about that. Plus he will talk to him about so cosmetic touch up on the scar….the area where it abscessed is pretty ugly.

    So far 2014 is shaping up to be pretty good. Thanks everyone.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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