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    Don-So excited to read your story, I too am a CC survivor due to a liver transplant (I actually had two).
    I am glad to hear more sucess stories for CC due to transplant because it is our best hope. I also want people to know that if you qualify for a transplant the wait is not months or years like most, because we are considered end stage and dying.(Always a silver lining!!??) We receive extra points for having cancer on our MELD score. That usually puts us close to the top of list. I also recieved my first call after 2 weeks, but they decided not to use that liver. I had one other “fake liver” call before I was transplanted in May (my doctors were always aplogetic for it taking this long)
    I received my second liver with in 14 hours, after being put on list.
    There is HOPE, thanks for sharing your story and read mine at under christmas miracle!
    Lotsa of prayers-Cathy


    Hi Don….nice to see you back on this site.


    Thanks for Posting my story…I’m lucky…..this was the man that saved my life…… If I can help in ANY WAY…let me know…we have to drive this CC stuff away!


    Marion, this is wonderful! Wish there was a place to keep this permanantly as it sure is a letter full of hope and Miracles. Thank you for posting this. Love it!


    It is estimated that up to 40 % of Primary Sclerosing Colangitis patients may develop Cholangiocarcinoma in their lifetime. Several of our members including, Leo and Rick Kemp both, had suffered from PSC for many years. According to Don, a fairly recent liver transplant patient and close friend to Rick and Leo, many PSC patients are all too familiar with our site.

    Don forwarded to me (compiled by his wife) his experience with PSC which eventually lead to the diagnoses of CC. Don was fortunate in that he underwent a successful liver transplantation.

    This describes Don

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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