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    My husband was diagnosed with intrahepatic cc July 23rd 2006. We are still in the process of evaluating. He also has mets to the both lungs. We are currently at Northwestern but trying to get a second opinion from Mayo’s. No appointment yet. So far what we are doing is eating almost totally raw with fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Our daughter told us about this program. It is on a website called Of course the medical doctors don’t think this is necessary and say his immune system is fine. My husband Joe is 66 and has had a queezy stomach for almost a year but they couldn’t find it. Now, he doesn’t even have that symptom but his liver tumor is not resectable and quite large. I am glad to see that the doctors don’t know the length of time. We were told not to ask. Joe is very healthy and has a great desire to live to walk our last daughter down the aisle. I love this wedsite where you can be honest and hear how others are doing. keep on fighting


    Dear TFord-

    Thank you so much. Stories like this keep me going! Especially since I am on Gemzar and Xeloda myself which are showing some results.

    Is there anything else your father is doing that you think is helping? It sounds like he has a good attitude which is half the battle in my opinion.

    Thanks again. Stories like this give me lots of hope.

    -Caroline Stoufer

    PS I have a friend with pancreatic cancer who is doing well with Tarceva.


    Hello everyone I would just like to tell you all about my father-in-laws journey. In 1/03/05 he was diagnosed with unresectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma with metasis to both lungs. The prognosis was grim 6 months to a year tops. His treatment options were a palliative procedure in which a tube is inserted into the bile duct to bypass the tumor and drain the bile to prevent jaundice. This has worked out relatively well to keep him comfortable. He started out with chemo by taking Gemcitabine which normally used for breast cancer and had great results with all tumor markers going down in his PET scans. After the Gemcitabine held the tumors at bay the onocologist decided to switch chemo to Xeloda for cholangiocarcinoma will develop an immunity to the same chemo drug if used to often. The Xeloda also held the cancer at bay for the span the drug was used. Now the drug of choice is gemcitabine again along with 100 mgs. of Tarceva daily. He is due for scans on 9/11/06 to find out if these drugs are doing the trick. Last month he developed ascites and the doctor decided to drain off the fluid, 5 litres were drained and the next week 3 litres that did the trick and no more problems since.
    As of today his energy level isn’t what it used to be, nor can he pound down 2 plates of food with pie and ice cream but he is still battling and living a productive life. In all your new journys with this damned cancer you will read nothing but bad news on the net as I have. This is a rare and unresearched cancer and I wanted to give everybody a heads up on what we are going through and just because a doctor says 6 months here is living proof of an individual who has taken the percentages 1 year past that life expectancy. I hope this gives everybody a little bit of hope and if anyone has any questions send a reply and I will get with you and explain doctors terms that I left out on purpose.

    God Bless All


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