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    How long have you been on the Tarceva? I had some side effects in the beginning, but they lessened over a period of 3 months. If you are in the first month or so, you might want to stick with it and see if the side effects get better.

    Violarob in Texas


    Elaine and Gary….it is great to hear that you had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Kennedy. Personally, I don’t know much about Tarceva however, several of our members have been on it. I hope that I don’t sound like a broken record (o.k. I do) but, I don’t know how else to pass on the information stored on our site other then recommending the search function on top of the page. Keyword: Tarceva and you may eliminate the author if you choose to do so. Several discussions should show up.
    Hugs coming your way,


    I dont have experience with Tarceva so I am no help there. I just wanted to say that Dr. Kennedy sounds really positive and I hope you get the go ahead to get SIRT soon. Best of luck,



    Gary had a consultation with Dr. Kennedy last week, and we are very pleased with the experience. Everyone in the office was wonderful, and Dr. Kennedy was caring, patient, knowledgable and unbiased. He spent as much time with us explaining other targeted therapies as he did his own. He will be communicating with our other doctors, and we came away feeling very confident that we were being heard. We still have to wait for 2 more rounds of chemo before the next ct scan, so things are on hold until then. Meanwhile, Gary is feeling so lousy on the Tarceva (gas, cramping, fatigue, nose sores, queasiness) that we’re thinking of discontinuing that part of the chemo. We’ll have a discussion with our oncologist Tuesday to learn more about the known benefits of Tarceva versus the side effects. Any ideas?

    Warm thoughts,
    Elaine and Gary

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