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    I dont have a clue, but wanted to wish the best of luck to Fiona and that they figure it out soon. How is she feeling? When will you get the next CT?

    I know my husband struggles not to show his worry either. It is hard for him as I know it is hard for you.

    Hugs to you and Fiona.



    Fiona was drained the other day but they only got 2.75 L in place of the ‘normal’ 7.5L. They took her back to radiology where they believe they saw only another 0.5L on the monitor. Fiona is still very distended and until we can get a CT scan they can offer no reason why. Does anyone have an experience similar to share so we dont worry too much over the week until the CT?

    Our worst fear is a build up of tumour but she has only had a very small tumour, could it have grown that much?

    I’m so worried and struggle not to show it.



Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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