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    Hi Teresa, I’m happy to know your lurking and reading. It’s just testimonial too your character of a kind, thoughtful and loving person. I just had to share with you my encounter with the frogs as well. Ha! It was just last week. I went outside in the evening and the accent lights of the walkway had already come on. When I went out, my son was standing there nudging a frog off the walkway, and made a comment about the ugly frog. I immediately told my son to leave the frog alone ,it wasn,t doing you no harm at all. My son kinda smirked and said you have a thing for frogs? I said, son do know each evening you sit out on this porch, do you see or get bitten by mesqeitos(sp)? and continued to explain that big fat frog eats his supper and allows us to not to be bitten by bugs. I then picked up the frog and put him back near one of the lights, and their he sat waiting for his snack while my son just sat on the porch and laughed. I laughed as well and said have you been bitten by a bug yet? He had no answer just an aaah. It’s nice to know someone besides me sticks up for the frogs. I bet Alan and I could of had some interesting stories or discussions. You know, I love motorbikes as well. I never got one after I got married ,because I new I would take it to the limit whenever I had the chance. I dumped many of times, when I was a teenager; trying all them Evil Kneivel stunts you know? Ha! Ha!. Was Alan into car racing at all. I had a short career in stock car class C racing. First night out, I took 3rd place and won a racing jump suit Ha! That was my last race too, because I blew the engine., steam bellowing out everywhere Ha! It was fun while it lasted. I couldn’t afford the racing fees or another junker with a running engine. I’m glad you posted, you always bring back a fond memory of my past.
    Well, got to run. My wife will be coming home from work soon and I haven’t a clue what to fix for supper yet? Not to worry though, I will just open the fridge doors and and the pantry and wallla !

    God Bless You Teresa,
    Jeff G.


    Hya Jeff and all

    I feel so priviliged to be able to read your work in this area of your life whilst you are facing such a challenging time.
    I too have been trying to work through challenges to my faith and reality.
    I wish you hope, joy and love during this phase of your life.
    It will be really interesting to see where this takes you on your journey.

    I have been lurking on the site as a guest most days, but feel I cannot give help in other areas as we did not have an opportunity to try any of the many ways of dealing with CC.
    One of my wishes was that my Alan could have joined this site, for I know he would have had much to talk to you about. He said his motorbikes were his God, but he loved the world and loved nature in its raw state.
    One particular dark night when he was ill, a friend called to take him out.
    As we opened the front door he suddenly said mom don’t step outside.
    He bent down and gently picked up a very large frog and put him on the garden wall. Whilst he did this he said ” there you go mr frog go and join your friends you will be ok.” I can still see him standing there doing this.

    love and light Alan’s mom


    Violarob in Texas….. The answer to your question, is I don’t have a web log/ Blog. I’ve volunteered to be in an EFT Study to see how benefiical it may be for others who have CC. Primarily to see if it will help lesson or relieve the emotional and physical pain that comes with this diagnosis. I will blog some of my experiences of how it helps me personally, as I go through the study, here on this web site.
    Tonight’s session was about my suppressed anger of the senseless deaths of people cause by others and how it not only affects loved ones,but friends and coworkers alike and even the general public. This incident occurred 25 years ago. Although I have talked about it many times before with friends, I wasn’t willing to let go of this tragedy because of my post involvement. After tonights session, I understand the reality of the situation and how it happened then and why it will continue to happen in todays world as well. After Tapping while making strong statements for about 45 minutes, I can say I released some heavy emotional baggage that was blocking some flow of my body’s energy. Will that emotion stay away ? Time will tell. During the week, I found myself out in my garage about 3AM, using EFT for pain in my ribs. I asked my wife the next morning if she heard some loud talking last night, just to make sure I did not disturb anyone. Fact , after four lengthy and determined sequences, my pain subsided and back to sleep I went. It did not stay away, as it returned the next day but not any where near as bad as last night. I’ve also been using the technique this week to lesson my anxiety, and find myself busily doing something else. That’s it for this week.

    Good Morning, As suggested by the practitioner, I jotted down more thoughts about my session last night and realized the core issue of my anger is deeper than what we discussed. I feel this anger because my faith is being challenged, a conflict between reality and God”s will. As the incident of 25 years ago, the same issue exsist today; needless end of life through war, terrorism, and guess what? disease (CC). I will continue to process this issue, until I gain further understanding and relief. Quite amazing to me personally. I have a choice to make within my own mind, to resolve this conflict and then let the rest of this emotion go to rest.

    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Jeff has a web log? What is the URL?

    Violarob in Texas


    Good for you, Jeff – always finding something new and inspiring to tell us about!
    Let us know all about how, and I know we’ll all try to keep positive thoughts directed toward you to let that energy flow!


    Jeff you are something else and here you go taking it to the limit one more time!!!!!!! After completing your issues for EFT how about creating a JEFF attitude pill that we can all take! Pretend your issues are tissues and toss them!


    …… 127 is where I stopped because I was getting writer’s cramps Ha!
    Jeff G.


    Hi Jeff:

    Only 127 issues? I bet I can beat that!

    Seriously — wishing and sending you all positive thoughts, and I can’t wait to hear your reports about the EFT.



    Go for it Jeff! I will be reading and following up on your blog.



    Emotional Freedom Technique Study….. I will be starting Next Monday. I will continue all other treatments I’m currently doing, but will be doing EFT with a Practitioner weekly and be doing my home work during the week, like a good litttle student. I will be working on about a hundred twenty seven of emotional issuses that popped into my head, since from about age 5 up. My intention is to collaspe all these issues to free up and unblock energy that is being held hostage by these past emotions. In turn, allowing me to channel and balance the flow of more energy to improve my physical and mental health. I will be blogging/sharing at least weekly of my experiences if not more,right here on the site. As I blog, if any one has a question, wonders, or doubts, feel free to post your thoughts. EFT is a modern version of ancient techniques to include accupuncture, but with out the the needles. If I had not already experienced a few positive results and actually see Dr. OZ on the Oprah Show, explaining the benefits of ancient techniques and how it plays a role in our health,I probally would have stayed in the privacy of my own home. However, I have volunteered to participate in this free study with a completely open mind, with the hope of many positive outcomes.
    Cheerio for Now!
    Jeff G.

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